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Fed up

I started this running finding it really hard but told my self I will not give up but aim sat hear with ice on my foot for two days and can not get started on week four I can not walk and have been told I have ripped my muscle in the ankle so fed up I just want to carry on running I never thought I would say that or miss it so much and it's only been three days but I do not want to loose my fitness if I was not so fat I would go swimming but it's not like running

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Please don't be too hard on yourself. You've got injured, it happens. Look at what you have done well, you managed to get to W4. That is fantastic and you should be proud of that.

You are also talking about missing running and losing your fitness - like you say, you never thought you'd say that.

Sod what anyone else thinks, if swimming is the best exercise for you at this time then do it. What about cycling or the cross trainer which would put less strain on your foot ??

Listen to your body, if you continue to run when you shouldn't then you'll end up not running for longer.

Don't be too hard on yourself, youre doing really well and you've had a bit of a set back. You WILL make it, it might take a little longer but it really doesn't matter, what matters is committing to the change and fitting exercise / being more healthy in to your life. Be proud of what you have achieved so far, rest the ankle and get back on it when you can. Good luck ;-)


Sorry to hear about this set back.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let anything stop you going swimming if that is what you enjoy! Take it from someone who, in her late teens, did let self consciousnes stop her swimming (the only activity I used to be good at and enjoy!) and who then had to work very very hard 10 years later to get back in the pool.

You have EVERY right to be in that pool, improving your health and fitness. Go for it!

Good luck in your recovery from injury!


So understand the frustration, my knees gave in a week 4, you will get better, but really important to look after yourself for now. Take care and keep blogging


I'm so sorry about your injury. I know it must be very discouraging; I've been hoping I would not get an injury because I fear I would also lost my motivation. Just remember it won't be forever. You can keep your commitment in your mind and dust it off, ready to go, when you feel better, not to be a Pollyanna or anything. And also, swimming is especially great for people with some body fat--it keeps you afloat and insulated, and people of all weights can do it! It's great that you're thinking of other ways to get exercise despite your muscle tear.


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