Fed up - sore hip and too much work :(

I haven't been running for 12 days now. I had a problem with my hip - went to see the physio and she recommended exercises, but it's still sore (although improving). The other issue is that I have taken on a temporary Christmas job - ha! I must have been thinking about something else when I agreed to the hours! I've worked there before, and this will be my 3rd Christmas with them, so I was thinking about working with all my friends. I've signed up for 5 days on the trot of 8 hour shifts, and my feet are crying like babies!

I don't see how I can get any running in on the days I'm working, partly because of the lack of light and partly because I am sooooooo tired. I'll try on the days I'm off, but as you can imagine I have to fit all the other stuff into those two days and because they are consecutive I'm not sure about running both days. I can't do treadmills - they make me dizzy :)

Anyway, sorry for the complaining. I'll just keep doing what I can and pick it up again after Christmas, I guess. Happy running to everyone else :)


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  • To be honest, Annie, I'm sure if you had a pedometer on you'd find you are walking lots so don't beat yourself up over the lack of running opportunities. You know the programme is there when you get time to get back to it and I'm sure you'll not have lost any fitness. Why not try a nice gentle run once over the weekend if the weather allows, just for fun, to keep you keen? Best of luck with your hip - maybe this is the rest it needs. :)

  • I'm sure you're right, oona - it's just that I am scared I will get out of the habit it took me 6 months to get into. And you're probably also right that my hip needs some rest, it's just that I don't want to give this up. I can't believe I've just written that - isn't this programme marvellous? :D

  • As Oona says, not being able to run for a few days might be a blessing in disguise for your hip. I was ill for a few days when I had my hip injury and I'm sure the enforced rest was beneficial. You won't lose any fitness over that time so don't worry too much. Just enjoy your run when you get the opportunity.

  • I know - but it feels like it's slipped from a few days to quite a lot of days. Oh, well - I suppose the fact that I'm worrying about it is good, really - it shows that I do still want to get out there. I hope your hip is okay now, and you are back to running?

  • Yes thank you, I had exercises to do and it seems to be sorted now, just the occasional niggle.

    You can always think of exercises you can do while you're at work - Runner's World has an article on exercises you can do in the office - then you'll feel you're working towards your running :-)

  • Oh, thanks for that - I'll go and look them up now :)

    Glad you're all sorted and back on the track again!

  • Hey Annie - don't feel so down about it... Oona and sfb are right - this'll give you exercise but will also, hopefully, not be so ragged on your hip. Just think of all the lovely Arnica you can buy with the Xmas money!!!

    Really, you have built up so much fitness already and you won't lose it. You can always try some squats - they really keep the quads fit. Also, keep doing the stretches you do when you run - that'll keep the muscles in tune and they won't forget then what it is they have been trained to do :-)!!!

    Annie, it's great you got some work at Xmas time, it's great you'll have the extra dosh and it's great that your hip will have a bit of recovery time and it's great that you can keep in touch by chatting to us all here :-).

    Good luck with it all and keep posting, Sara :-) xox

  • Thanks, Sara - I guess I won't lose as much fitness as I think I might, if you follow me :) I'm going to try and get out there first thing tomorrow morning, take it gently and see how the hip and my fitness are.

    And yes, it's lovely to be back working with my friends again, and I won't turn up my nose at the money :)

  • Annie, I don't know what your hip problem is (mine was bursitis) but I found that running off-road was a lot kinder to mine because the impact was softer.

  • Hi sfb, the physio said it was the piriformis muscle so the exercises are designed to make it work for its living! Bursitis sounds really nasty. I usually run on a hiking trail so it's softer than pavements, but if I am only going to do little runs to start with and to fit in with what little daylight there is, then I will be pounding around the town. Still, even a little is better than not going at all :)

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