the long and winding road

this is my first blog just found out how to write one too, am delighted to have run my first ever 20min run and i am thrilled

like many others i was apprehensive to say the least ...wondering if i could cope running from 8 min without stopping to 20 seemed such a jump , but pace i feel is the key (as advised ) and i reckon i could have sped up a bit more but didnt want to push too hard in case i ran out of steam and couldnt manage it

the programme so far is going very smoothly , i had to dig in hrd from the very first week as i was seriously out of breath running for even just a minute

however here i am 5 weeks later runnning continuosly for 20 ....i have followed the programme ( but not always having rest days in between due to work commitments )

so so far so good i am looking forward to what the remaining weeks have in store

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  • Well done you and thanks for the blog, I'm going to be W5R2 tomorrow and then R3 on Sunday - to say I am worried is an understatement but to see blogs like yours, to see that it can be done is inspiring.

    It does seem like a big jump, I just have to remember not to set off too fast. Big congrats, youre over half way to graduation now ;-)

  • thanks ca66ie

    am just back from week 6 run 1 , my legs were a bit achy and i have perspired but i reckon i upped my pace as i definately went further ( was at my front door before the last 5 min cool down so did a bit extra to finish ( up hill on way back too ) definately getting fitter :D

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