Relax, don't do it!

About to start WK6 and have strained my back somehow :( Saw the doctor and my first question after being diagnosed (and slightly panicked was),'Can I still go running,?' 'Yes,' she said. I asked how it had happened and she said maybe when you were running and twisted awkwardly? No, I'm thinking of a particularly energetic '80's night recently where I was showing off and proving I hadn't lost my dancing skills. However now I seem to be paying for it, oh the joys of getting old... Anyway, am so relieved and def. addicted;) So dosed up on paracetamol and ibuprofen gel which works on sore calves and shins as well I have discovered! So off later am I mad? Possibly! ;)


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  • Ouch sounds painful. But I admit I laughed a little at the cause of the back strain; that's the sort of thing I'd do!

  • Can't think of a better way to strain your back! :-)

    Have a nice hot bath after your run! I've just done the dreaded W5R3 and am about to leap in too (to a hot bath). It's weird how this running gets you, isn't it? I was miserable yesterday because my back (S-I joints) went a bit wonky again, phoned a physio friend for advice so maybe some of it will help you too. He said - long warm-up walk but not fast, just steady and concentrate on keeping your pelvis and shoulders loose. Don't hold your shoulders rigid while jogging. Do some knee bends before you go and the usual stretches after your bath. Make sure that you walk the same amount of time as you jog for, this helps you relax again, so a slightly longer walk to finish off might be necessary. And the usual pills and potions as necessary. And if you feel like adding some walking in the middle, he said, just do it.

    It worked for me, I left Laura at home and took my own music, told myself I could walk anytime I wanted to, and I really feel it was easier when I wasn't waiting for Laura to come in all the time.

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on!

  • Oooh, thanks for all the advice 'Mitts' will be trying that. Back's behaving now unlike my legs on the run which were very uncooperative! My calves felt like they were made of iron and I just did not enjoy the run. Weird I found the 8 mins hard and was glad when it was over. It's happened before so am not worrying. I also really think it's down to what you wear. I usually wear shorts and loose top, but today I had on full length 'yoga' pants and ordinary t-shirt, felt uncomfortable, hot and fidgety! Also had 2 recovery days, worried about back but find it much tougher if I take more than the usual one. Anyway few hours later now and I feel great. Think it was 'Wake me up before you go, go!' that did it or poss 'Love Shack,' anyway my dance lessons would be me just mainly posing 'flibbertygibbit,'! That's what i used to do ha ha!

    Anyway hope you're all still awake didn't mean to go on... happy running ;)

  • Oh I wish I could have seen that! I once cleared a whole row throwing shapes at a Take That concert in my teens, I'm that bad, so do you give lessons?!!! Take it easy later eh? x

  • Sometimes I think exercise helps strained muscles--gets them warmed up and moving. I know that my chronically clenched upper back really loosens up being jogged about when I run in the morning. I know a back strain is different, but I think as long as you keep it straight (without twisting), it might help you to exercise it.

  • You are right 'Lu25k,' as it didn't 'seize up' when I was running, which I was waiting for. Amazing as when I woke up this morning I thought there is no way I'm going to run today, but moving around def. works. It's my ribs on my back which hurts (if that makes sense) and I've never had it before,hey ho it's not getting worse so I'm lucky. Thanks ;)

  • Same as me 'runningwild' - I really didn't think I'd make the run today esp as it was the 20 min one but here we are. This programme has done my back as well as my general fitness good and I wasn't expecting that :-).

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