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Don't Think, Just DO!

My problem has always been that I over think and worry too much. I'm not very spontaneous and I like my routine. I analyse and scrutinise everything from every angle. So as you can imagine, thinking about running outside for the first time has been playing on my mind for AGES.

Usually we go to the gym Mon, Wed, Fri but if something pops up, we change it to Tue, Thur, Sat. This week we went Tues instead of Mon, which meant the next run would be Thurs. This would then mean that we would have to go Sat too. But, somewhat rashly, I decided that as the weather was supposed to be OK Sat, I would try running outside. Oh! I cursed those words once they were out of my mouth! So all week I've been thinking (worrying is probably more accurate) about being outside, with no glasses on, running on tarmac, flies, cyclists, cats, my keys, EVERYTHING!

Well, we'd do two runs at the gym during the week so that should tide me over, exercise wise. I could then just go outside and try it. But, due to a death in my BF's family, the Thur gym visit was scrapped. Never mind, we can go Fri instead. But if we went then, I wouldn't want to go Sat! I spent all day Fri dithering and after much thought, I decided that the Sat run would have to be done or I'd never do it.

I set my alarm for 6.15 but typically I was awake at 5.00 to go to the loo. Then I just led there until his alarm went off. Then my alarm went off. And still I led there! Just as we were about to get up and go, it rained - hard. Oh well, off to the gym then. But it doesn't open until 8.00 and it's only 6.45. Finally, after much grumbling, we managed to get up and dressed. Then the sun came out! Right, sod it. let's go outside!

Feeling extremely daft walking to the end of the road for our warm up without my glasses on, I felt a bit sick! "Give me a kiss and I'll see you in a bit" he said and off he went! Okay this is it now! GO!

Jeez, even after all this time, I sound like a dying whale. No music (or Lovely Laura) means that I can hear every gasp. Ooh, do I try and keeps my legs in time with my breathing or is it the other way around? I usually find the first 5 mins the hardest but this time, I was thinking about everything else, I didn't even notice it. Oops, am I going to fast? No treadmill, means no way of knowing how fast I'm going! Oh No! The BF is coming back the other way - show off! Right, I think that's a pedestrian up ahead, I'd better cross the road and avoid him. Great! He crosses over too, right in front of me and as he's striding along, I realise that I'm not going fast enough to overtake safely - thanks mate!. So I re-cross the road. Yey! I'm at the roundabout - that's half way!

Then suddenly it was all over. I was back at home, my BF sat on the front step waiting for me. Wow - I've just run a mile (1.609344 km) OUTSIDE! Not far I know but I did it. And I'm so happy! At the gym I average about 2.40 miles (3.86 km) of running (with the walking I do 3.10 m or 5 k in all) so I know that I'm a long way off actually running 5 k but I'm getting there slowly. AND I found that running outside was easier that doing the 1.00% incline on the treadmill!

I don't know if I'll venture outside again for a run but at least I can say that I have done it! Can't wait for Tues 25th now - our treadmill is being delivered so no more gym visits! Woohoo!

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This is a great blog. I must admit I haven't run on a treadmill so I don't know the difference. I run in local woods on tracks. I like varying my runs so I don't get stuck in a rut but do repeat some routes to show myself how I'm improving.

Why no Laura? Was she in bed?


Why no glasses?


I finished the 9 week plan ages ago so now I listen to my own playlist at the gym. As I don't have anything to carry my phone in, I had to leave it behind this morning (carrying keys & a water bottle was enough!).

As for my glasses, I always take them off when running as I can't stand them bouncing up & down on my face! It makes me feel sick & they also get dirty from all the sweat - yuk!


Really interesting to read your blog, and realise that actually a lot of people run on treadmills. I have always run outside, and always on tarmac. A little harder on the knees I know, but I just love to be out. I tried running on a bridleway, and found the uneven surface too much of a disruption to my rhythm (I am male, so not much rhythm to start with, and what little I do have takes a lot of concentration).

I wear glasses too, and don't find they bounce about too much. Do you have quite a bouncy running style (that sounds like a very personal question - sorry). Laura said in one of the early weeks to be careful about being too bouncy, as this wastes energy.

As for your phone/i-pod I bought an arm band thing off eBay for a few quid, and it works a treat. I now have Laura and Runkeeper keeping me going.

I am spoilt this weekend, cos I am in Zaragoza (working), but get to run along the banks of the Rio Ebro, or along the beautiful old streets. Beautiful at 7am when there is no one about.


I'm dead weird about my glasses! I have really long eye lashes and so I hate having my specs too close / tight to my face - my lashes get in the way! I always end up buying glasses that sit lower down on my nose - I'm forever pushing them back up. Therefore my specs don't sit properly on my face and that's why I have bouncy issues! It's all my fault I know!

According to my BF, my running style is fine, not too much bounce but to be honest I can't be bothered with the sweat / fog issues either!

If I do decide to go out again, I might treat myself to a Flip Belt - a safe place to tuck all my bits n bobs!

Lucky you, how lovely to have such nice scenery to enjoy!


You can get a Karrimor running belt from Sports Direct for about a quarter the price of a Flipbelt (which do look cool but I think are massively over-priced). Just thought you might be interested. And well done for [finally!] venturing outside; it's much better than running indoors.


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