Don't look at the shadows!

Got a really early start this morning, should have been earlier but as ever I had technical delays and no hubby to assist this time as he was already started on the treadmill in the garage 😬 Week 9 run 1 and possibly my best yet, I went further and faster (speed reference used very loosely of course). The Brent Geese have returned to the Estuary this morning and a little chevron of them flew by, I love them but they also make me a little sad as it is a sign that Summer is drawing to a close. I was also accompanied for a short while by swallows catching flies in the early morning sun. I felt comfortable and thought I looked stylish, running smoothly in my new gear, then I saw my shadow and realised that I am not the athlete I feel I am but still some old plump lady (although I did look 8 foot tall) in embarrassingly bright clothes plodding along the sea wall ! So the moral of this morning tale is "don't look at your shadow - stick with the image in your head"πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

Interestingly, I have also received my first negative comment since starting C25K from a lady dog walker I know, maybe she was miffed because she had to move so I could pass but she informed me I would kill myself running! If I had been quicker I may have replied that actually I was probably prolonging my life. Maybe she should give it a try herself, running makes me smile and feel good - she usually looks like she has been chewing a wasp!



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  • Woo-hoo for bright leggings! I'm going out in my lidl leggings (VERY bright) later and the idea is scaring the **** out of me... Woo-hoo #2 for the run, it sounded lovely. Wasp lady was probably just jealous / insecure / whatever. Have a nice day.

  • My new gear definitely felt good and I'm sure I move faster in the loud leggings - enjoy your run. πŸ˜€

  • Thanks. My theory is that they are labelled 'performance trousers' so if I don't run faster there will be a stern letter winging it's way to Lidl. I can't believe how much lighter they feel in relation to my linen trousers!

  • I know.. I've been running in black cotton leggings, normally worn under dresses to hide my legs! My legs are definitely cooler and dryer in the proper ones.

  • You're so close now OP and clearly enjoying yourself. You wear that gear and be proud!

    We are all gazelles in our head, and that is all that matters!

  • Go Possum! 1 down, 2 more 'til the shiny badge and you felt comfortable. You can't want for any more than that. Apart from wasp lady to maybe actually swallow it ;)

  • well done. Maybe she thought she was cracking a joke! Some people feel they have to say something, anything will do.

  • That's a very generous thought but I don't think she knows how to joke. When I'm walking the dogs I do avoid her if possible because she is always moaning. :-)

  • Dog walker prob jealous and grumpy. Go you xx

  • Some people have no idea what they're talking about so it's best to ignore them completely. Jealousy makes people say the most ridiculous things.

    That sounded a lovely run and I'm so pleased the new gear worked well πŸ˜€ And that shadow thing? That's the gremlin teasing you again. You are a runner therefore you are goddess πŸ€—

  • That's two t-shirts I want made. "I am a Runner, therefore I am a Goddess" and for my first park run "Back of the Pack is where it's at!" ;)

  • Love it :-) Now I really must stop this and do some work !!!! :-)

  • Ooooh - Goddess that's a lovely thought. I will be a Warrior Goddess!! :-)

  • You are ALREADY a Warrior Goddess! :)

  • Well done on the run and the new gear! I was slow getting to Lidl so there wasn't much left. V disappointed - do they often have running stuff?

    Ignore the wasp lady - who knows what's going on with her life? And also ignore the shadow gremlins and think about how good you feel inside. I hate catching sight of myself in mirrors / shadows - it always comes as a bit of a shock!

    Most people who I've seen have been surprisingly smiley. I think I'm starting to spot the signs of those who may also be doing C25k.

    Though, some bloke ran past me yesterday and belched really loudly! Obviously not a C25k person as our manners are far better! Though it could hVe been worse I suppose!bx

  • Definitely too impolite to be one of us!! Wasp lady is always miserable, I should feel sorry for her really but she doesn't make me feel that charitable!

    I don't know how often Lidl have running stuff as I'm new to this mallarkey but I'm sure someone with tell. :-)

  • I can't believe I'm in the slightest bit interested in running kit but I am becoming obsessed!

  • :-) :-)

  • What a ridiculous comment! Clearly jealous, I can't believe that there could be someone to heckle by saying something so silly!

    I have caught site of myself in a window at times and now I try not to look! Perhaps one day I will notice accidentally and see a big change :) Nothing wrong with bright clothes either! I love seeing runners in fluro, always puts a smile on my face!

  • Says a lot more about her than you. She is a one off, put her in a box and bang the lid shut! And if she is a miserable dog owner then trust me, she is a die hard misery!

  • Yeay!!!! I love bright.. as you know! Lovely, lovely post... and well done you...

    Silly woman....she probably was chewing a wasp!!! Can't some folk be so horrid... like those pesky gremlins that bother us now and again... :)

    So close now, when you Graduate, I can have an extra glass of something tasty and French! :)

  • That sounds like a plan. Course I'm no longer in total control of my running diary - have to work around hubby now he's started. We are apparently taking a 2 day rest now so run 2 should be Thursday and the final run ( can't believe I just said that!) on Saturday. Out to dinner on Friday evening though 😱

    Good to hear from the Happy Wanderer in France - I thought of you this morning when I saw the Brent Geese and the swallows πŸ˜€

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