A river runs through it!!

Last night I set off to run a 8+k run hoping that I could make it home before it got so dark I couldn't see where my feet were landing.

I dressed for the cool weather but within a few kilometres I was really hot so I took off my jacket and managed to secure it around my waist whilst still running (quite a feat involving untangling my headphones so they didn't garot me).

It seems that the rain gods were just waiting for me to double knot the sleeves before it began to gently drizzle. Not a problem I decided, it will keep me cool.

On I ran. It was going really well so as I approached the point where I would normally stop for my 5 minute cool down walk, which would take me home I detoured off and ran an extra 2k to complete 10k.

Feeling chuffed I turned around to head home, around a 15 minute walk, when the heavens opened! The rain was bouncing off the pavement and within a few minutes I was wetter than a ducks bottom. There was a river running down my road and as I walked through my door Mr Tready had to come to my rescue and relieve me of my iPhone and headphones, just touching them to get them out of my pocket probably would have destroyed them. " you must be insane to go out in that" hubby said. It was then that I realised that I am a runner. Before that I have often told people that I run, but I have never said 'I am a runner' and never really believed it before.

I now know that I will run in the dark, wind, rain, snow, sun or any combination of the elements, but more importantly I will enjoy it. Maybe hubby's right I am insane!

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13 Replies

  • Welcome to the asylum!

  • Thank you Beads. Happy to be here :)

  • THAT IS AWSOME!...YOU ARE AWSOME!...this is one of the most encouraging stories I've heard thus far...keep up the good work!...When I grow up I wanna be just like you....i just graduated from the C25k on Sunday and moved on to c210k....way to go Treaty (*_*)!

  • What a lovely response. Thank you very much vmister :)

  • such an inspiration.....i have not ventured outside tonight because it is pouring outside ..... you have put me to shame

  • Try it, you might find you LOVE it!

  • Wow. That's so awesome - I too run in all weather - recently I've run in some really horrible rain, but it doesn't ever put me off ! Yet I still tell people that I run - I would never say 'I'm a runner'! But hey, I guess I am! As are you! Thanks for this post - had a slightly poo run today but this has bounced me back up to feeling good about having got out despite the poring rain and not focusing on the fact that the run was a little bit poo!!!!!! xxx

  • Thanks Feefbev. I've had some 'poo' runs too. But I always think any run is better than sinking into the couch! :)

  • Totally! It's amazing the way my brain has been rewired! Now almost every waking thought is about when I'll next get to run!

  • Me to. I was driving into town this afternoon and on the way I was looking for new routes and places I could run to extend my current runs. I like to almost make it up as I go sometimes to make it interesting.

  • I'd love to be able to do that - but my ability to know which ruddy way I am going is seriously lacking! So I have to map out before I go and check I'm on track during the run!

  • I like to run on trails and sometimes lose my bearings but ne'er mind. Rain is cooling isn't it. I wanted to take my jacket off today but couldn't be bothered cos of the faff with the wires. Well done on doing 10K!!! You must be thrilled. In the rain too, which I bet slowed you up, plus you couldn't place your feet so easily in the gloom. I bet you'll beat that time next run if it's dry and fine, oh and light!

  • Thanks Guys, I never worry to much about where I run as I have a pretty good sense of direction and can usually find my way back. I think running in the rain ( and dark) is my new favourite as I often feel really hot.

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