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Waht do you wear to run in the rain?


I have just finished week 1. Couldn't do the first run properly at all and so amazed at the improvement; also a bit scared of trying week 2. Today it's raining but it's my day off. Does make me wonder though what to do when it's raining on a run day. Not running because it's raining will be a cop out so I will have to do it - but what can I wear that keeps me dry without getting even sweatier?

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I wouldn't bother trying to keep dry, its outside, its raining you'll get wet.

I just use my normal kit. I have a good selection of decent wicking shirts and shorts and they are just as brill in the rain. They don't hold water at all. its good fun running in the rain once you are resigned to being wet.

It might be more uncomfortable if you run in cotton or similar though.


I once made the mistake of running in a waterproof, I was like a boil in the bag runner! I just run in my usual wicking gear, I normally sweat quite a bit so I get wet anyway - I actually enjoy running in cool rain.

GridletGraduate in reply to notbad

Ha ha! I did this once! With the hood up! Like Greg says, once you are resigned to being wet it's good fun!

sfb350Graduate in reply to Gridlet

Agree with this ! I love running in the rain, yet somehow most of my runs have avoided it. Waterproof clothing is too hot - it's nice to be wet with rain and not just sweat !


I ran for 30 mins in the rain last night in my normal (Wicking) shirt and shorts... once I'm warmed up I like the rain, it keeps you cool - though as soon as I got back to the car I changed into something warmer...

You can get proper running jackets bretahable/wicking/water resistant - but they aren't amazingly cheap.


Sports direct have some cheap running jackets.


I use a running hat (baseball style with a big peak) to stop rain getting in my face! (from "wiggle" an online running/cycling shop) as I feel quite dry if my face/head is if you know what I mean!


Don't worry about the rain - it's lovely and cools you down.


ooh, the hat sounds good - keep the rain off my glasses lol. Always useful to be able to see where you're going...


I love running in the rain. A peaked running cap to keep rain out of eyes, I have a lightweight running jacket but that is only shower proof and slightly wind proof so once I warm up that is wrapped round my waist and tucked up out of the way so it doesnt flap.


Love running in the rain, but prefer the warm up to be a bit dryer, may invest in a running jacket for winter though to get me through the warm up, but i'll have to wait and see if I need one or not. Rain is better than wind any day :-)


Like running in the rain too. It's never as bad as it looks once you are out in it but important you can dry off and warm up quickly after.

However in the early days I did some walk/runs with a waterproof on but the weather was much colder. If it has a 2 ended zip you can open it up so it doesn't flap too much.


I have discovered that I love running in the rain. It cools you down. I wear a baseball cap to keep it off my face. Also I have said this before (but for other reasons) but I can heartily recommend a pair of dry fit running socks. I recommend them as much as a decent pair of running shoes. They draw the water away from your skin and stop you getting blisters. And they are not as expensive as they sound (pssst I don't like advertising but Sports Direct have a sale on at the moment - there I said it. Please don't shoot!)


I just bought walking socks; will they double as running socks? Still not sure about getting fitted for running shoes. I have a horrible feeling that I might get all kitted out at vast expense and then lose motivation. So far I have no problems with my ordinary trainers and trainer socks; but then I've only done week 1, things might be different if I get any further. Run 1 of week 2 tonight. I hope I can do it.

LegionGraduate in reply to boudicca

Getting kitted out means you will have to keep running to justify the expense. ;)

I got wet 3 runs ago and it was ok, but 2 runs ago I decided with it hammering down I wud wear a rain proof, blimey I musta dropped a dress size!!!! Lol, I agree rain keeps u cool once ur into it, but I was cold this morning at warmup time so I think it's time to invest in a lightweight running waterproof/ windproof, socks wise I live my sky runs, I always had problems with standard as I sweat do mich and they just rubbed but rain or shine and given that they are 8 years old! My sky runs don't let me down, and they owe me nothing now!

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