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Week 4 Run 3 in the rain

Today was the first morning during my C25K that the weather was absolutely horrible. It was raining and the wind was quite high. I really felt like just staying in bed.

But I did go out and did my run. I am so proud of myself. :)

On Sunday it is time to start Week 5. That is really scary. Wish me luck.

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Thats brilliant, it does sound really nasty out there! Good luck for week 5, it sounds scary but you really CANdo it, nearly everyone has a wobble about that week but it is not as bad as you expect! :)


Thank you aliboo70. Difficult to believe, that in one weeks time I should run 20 min at once, when now maximum run has been 5 min.

It is very inspirational to read all the graduates stories. It makes me believe I can do it too one day.


Just did the same run. My running week are usually sunday (begin a new C25K week), tuesday and thursday. I always run in the morning before breakfast.

Where I am located it was windy with temps just below freezing. No rain or snow though so I am grateful.

Good luck on Sunday!


At the moment I do my runs the same days as you and also do mine first thing in the morning. The best time of the day!

Thank you fredl. Good luck for your week 5!


Embrace the rain! The wind is not so much fun, but running in the rain is brilliant!! People who stay indoors when it rains don't know what fun they are missing ( driving to work in the rain this morning, all I could think was how much I would rather be out running in it!)

Good for you for sticking to your plan and getting out for your run. Enjoy week5 - you will feel amazing at the end of it! :)


Thank you agedsnailspace. I really need all the good luck that I can get.

I don't mind the rain. For me secret of enjoying the rain is good waterproof coat.


How did you get on today Hemapu75? Did you manage to do W5R1?


W5R1 went ok. Thank you for asking. It was rainy and windy again, but it was still fun. I am looking forward to W5R2 tomorrow. How was your W5R1?


It was snowing quite heavily but I got it done. Hoping for better weather tomorrow!


Wow. That is quite a determination to run while snowing. Good luck and better weather for tomorrow.

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Well done! And good luck for week 5


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