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Great run in the rain

The omens weren't good -

I couldn't find my headphones,

my keys were missing,

It had been showering all day,

my legs already ached from a strenuous Pilates session in the morning,

I didn't have much time,




...I really WANTED to run.

So off I set, trusting to leaving the door unlocked, leaving my iPod at home.... I put my stopwatch on and decided to do my own version of Speed. Walked up The Big Hill for my warm-up, then started to run.

It started to rain.

But I was cheered on by a lovely guy leaning over his garden fence who said if I was jogging tomorrow he'd join me!!!!?!

It kept on raining and I kept on with my 60 second sprint intervals (I must point out that my sprint is like anyone else's easy jog, ha ha ) and by the time I'd done the Speed equivalent of 6 intervals it was chucking it down and I really needed to get home for school home time. Did an extra couple of minutes but that was all.

It just shows that in spite of all the potential excuses, it's always good to get out there and you never know, you might have a fab run!

I do love Speed, try to do it once a week then do long runs for the other 2. It's just so brill to do when you're pushed for time or don't feel particularly energetic, and I always feel good for having done it.

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I am still at the 'Not really keen to get out and do this' stage but I will persevere because so many bloggers keep telling us how good they feel afterwards - wish it would hurry up and come along for me.


Tell us more about the lovely guy leaning over the garden fence...


Ha ha, he was considerably younger than me!


That sounds wonderful! I'm a bit wary about running in the rain right now because I don't want to ruin my good running shoes (hah, that sounds so superficial!). Maybe when I'm up for new ones, I'll keep my current ones just for the rain.

How does Speed compare to Stepping Stones and Stamina? I'm only doing Stepping Stones because even that is fast for me, so I'm not sure when I should do the others....don't want to get too disappointed if they're super hard!


You've just inspired me, Soozz - I am a bit pushed for time today and was thinking, 'Nah, I'll go tomorrow' but now I will do Speed this afternoon - thank you! :)


Hope you had a fab run!


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