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You can tell I'm taking it seriously - I've got the proper shoes and everything!

I'd been running in my basketball shoes which, while quite cushioned, make it dangerous to run in the rain because they're not very grippy. After running in my knackered old Converse in the rain on Monday, I decided I would move forward the date of getting proper running trainers from week 8 to week 3.

My first run in them - week 3, run 2 - was a bit tough because I had gymnastics on Monday night after run 1 and physio and dance yesterday, so I hadn't really had recovery time. Still, I'm determined to make it to week 4, run 1 on Sunday so I had to stay on track and do my second run today. I'm hoping that, since I only have dance tomorrow and it's two pretty gentle classes, I will find it easier to run on Friday!

A little question while I'm here - when people finish the 9 weeks, how do they get "graduated" next to their name?

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WOW you sound very busy with all that dancing! Fabulous that you can still find the energy to go for a run too :)

When you have done the 3rd run of week 9 you are a 'graduate' and will need to send JR21 (admin in the directory above) a little message to let him know so he can apply your badge. Happy running :D


I love love LOVE the title of this post! Made me giggle and made my day! I bought new running trousers with girlie pink go faster stripes but they didn't work. ;)


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