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Highs and Lows

Just finished week 9 run 3 (after 9 months), and here are my highs and lows:

The lows:

- Week 1, run 1, I had to stop because I was going to throw up!!

- The dreaded stitch. This came on early on and really ruined the runs for me for a while. I had read lots of different ways to stop a stitch so ended up with a ridiculous situation in which I could only go for a run exactly 4 hours after eating, 1 hour after drinking and after a prohibitively long series of stretches. I still got agonising stitches, so I gave up running. After several months my other half persuaded me to try again without all the preparation, so I did and I discovered if I pushed on through, the stitches would often ease off. As the runs got longer I was better able to cope. My friend also told me that downhill made it worse for her and uphill made it better, and I really found this to be true and managed to construct a flat route that is good for me. I've still only had one run with no stitch though, and that was half an hour after finishing a huge roast dinner!

The highs:

- getting my first ever pair of running trainers. Gait analysis was a revelation, and I've worn them for my daily commute every day since. Probably the best £50 I ever spent.

- Hearing the words "you've run for 5 minutes!". I felt so happy to hear that. I was previously housebound with M.E. for several years and could never have dreamed I could run for 5 minutes.

- The music on the podcasts. I really loved a lot of the songs, they were so upbeat and cheerful.

- Laura's encouragement. I really felt she was by my side!

- going out in the rain. People said I was crazy, but I love running in the rain!

- relaxing and rejuvenating - running makes me feel good!

I'd never run before C25K and I'm not interested in competing but now I know I can do it, I have an amazing new way to keep healthy and fit. Thank you so much to the NHS Couch 2 5 K and everyone involved with it.

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That sounds like a lot of ups and downs, well done for pushing through and completing the programme. Don't forget to ask for your graduate badge and hope you keep running.


Brilliant post and congratulations Kalypso. I love running in the rain too - just really refreshing. Well done.


Well done for persevering.


That's amazing, and very inspirational! Well done for sticking with it!


Just brilliant, well done!

Now you have a great way to keep fit and healthy and by the sounds of it you run outdoors, so you can enjoy the scenery and what's going on around you. There really is no need to compete or strive towards something you simply don't want to do.

Hope you continue to enjoy and reap the benefits from this amazing activity. Even now 3 months after graduating, I'm amazed at how great the C25K programme is and still smile with pleasure at the fact that I can now enjoy running.

:) xx


Ah what a great post , well done you - enjoy your shiny badge :)


Yep it sure is an amazing way of keeping fit! We're all testament to that.

Well done and congratulations on your Graduation. I hope you'll keep running and continue to enjoy it


Aw Kalypso, fab post and many congratulations to you ! Well done for seeing it through and graduating . I bet you feel absolutely amaazzzzing today and quite right too !

I love running in the rain, very refreshing, cools you down too , nowt better :-) xxx


Congrats on graduating! Well done for persevering through your stitches too.

I've only run once in the rain, loved it, wish it rained a bit more often around here!


That's fantastic, well done for completing through the ups and downs! You should be feeling very pleased with yourself, I hope you find a solution to the 'stitch' problem one day soon x :-)


Oh what a marvellous post and well done on reaching your graduation goal. Relax and enjoy your runs :)


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