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I enjoy running! (Week 7)

Day 49 // week 7, run 3 (again)

And another good run. This time I went out a few minutes later than last time and because of the darkness even remembered to take my high-vis jacket.

I ran the same route as last time except for a loop at the end and "only" did the 25 minutes. It didn't feel that much like "I can go on for hours" as two days ago, but at least I wasn't thinking "Stop, please?" at all. I think I got it now. ;)

Funny thing: I enjoy running in the dark (or near dark). Everything is quiet and you only have a few people around. But it's not as if I'm ashamed or embarrassed that I'm running! That was maybe a little bit the case at the beginning, but now not at all. 20 minutes in I passed by the playground at the lake where a group of teenagers were sitting. And I wondered what they thought about me. Did they not notice me at all? Or did they think "Why is she running around in the dark? Why would anyone do that?". And if they'd have asked, I would have said "Because I enjoy it!" And of course I do! Otherwise I wouldn't run in the dark. I wouldn't run at all! I would stay at home and watch tv after 10,5 hours at work! But I'm not! I enjoy the quiet and peaceful running time. I enjoy being active. I enjoy running!

That's it for a sucessful Week 7. Only two weeks to go now!

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How great! I wish I enjoyed it the way you do. I am really glad to have done it once I'm done, and I feel pretty good afterward, but right in the middle of it? Not so much. I'll think about what you said and maybe try to think about the other people and things around me rather than worrying about how much time is left in the run. :)


Lovely blog! I really enjoy it when it isn't too hilly...


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