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Week 7 - weak 7 more like.

Today I have had the worst run ever. I have done one 25 minute run, but today I was flagging after 5. I couldn't get a steady rhythm and my breathing was very tight. I stopped running after 7 minutes and had to walk for ages before I felt right. I did another 8 minutes after that and had enough. The only thing different is that I gave blood on Sunday. I've been doing this for 40 years and never had a problem afterwards but then I've never been pushing myself to the limit afterwards either. They advise 24 hours before vigorous exercise so I thought today would be OK.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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There will always be difficult runs, for all sorts of reasons. Put it in the bin, forget it and know you’re going to smash it next time x


Hmm they won't take my blood coz of my medication. So firstly thank you for giving blood, it's really important. Secondly they take an armful (!) and your body has to manufacture enough to replace it. I think you are due a day or 3 off, lots of fluids (water is better than gin), then give it another go. And the first 5 mins is always hard, you just forget by the time you get to the end of a run and feel good about completing it!


That stinks. It feels discouraging and confusing in the moment--"but I just DID this, why can't I do it again,?"

Eh. You did a great thing, donating blood. And that does have an effect! Our bodies are amazing, this may have been your body's way of protecting you.

You'll be recuperated for the next one!


It's happened to me, quite a few times - not related to giving blood though. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it, in my case anyway. Just put it behind you, the next run is likely to be OK again.

Giving blood is very unlikely to cause anything persistent, but may contribute to dehydration. Plenty of water and a bit more salt on your food for a day or two maybe.

The other major reason is if you are incubating a cold, that happened to me - I still felt well, but couldn't run, and then the cold came out and everything was explained.

Good luck...


Thanks all. I think I might have forgotten how hard it was in the first few weeks. It's not like I haven't had to repeat a few runs previously, but this one felt bad from the start.

Just keep plugging away at it I guess and try to remember how good it feels when I get there

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It was just a bad day at the office. We all get them. Don't worry. You're not a bad person cos you had an off day.

You're brilliant, you're a runner and you're going to smash this okay?



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