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Feeling fabulous at 50

It was suggested that I start a blog, as I'm feeling a little lonely out there pounding the pine needles and gravel on my own - I don't even have the dulcet tones of Laura in my ears to spur me on (I started on a different plan and it's a bit late now for me to have a young whippersnapper telling me what to do)

A wee word or five about me. I live in a very small village, quit smoking at Easter this year, and I've been a keen power walker for a few years (sub 13min miles) and thought it was about time a took both feet off the ground as a new focus for staying off smoking. This is my 4th attempt at becoming a runner - well we're all entitled to a couple of false starts aren't we? Oh no - didn't they change that rule last year?. Och well I just had a 'run' of bad luck, getting 2 injuries and an unplanned trip to the US put a large spanner in the works of the stay off the rollups campaign which tested me to the limits but I am still smoke free :)

Tomorrow morning I will be running Week 6 and the 25 minutes continuous run, and I'm hoping that I won't look like i'm playing hopscotch with puddles as I did on Monday for 2 x 10 minute runs with 1 minute walk - see?? Laura wouldn't have been happy with that! lol

I'm enjoying this now, maybe I'll keep 'blogging'. I'm a bit of a technophobe: let me play my banjo instead of figuring out how to work my new mp3 player although I do like listening to music while I'm power walking.

Will update maybe tomorrow if I'm still alive and dried out :)

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Welcome to the C25K community. Sounds like you're doing really well! Think with this awful rain we've been having there's no choice but to play puddle hopscotch when out for runs. I am sure Laura wouldn't mind - and if you switch over to her podcasts you'd find she's very nice and has a few tips for success with the programme.

Love the image of you playing the banjo!

I'm sure you'll find everyone on the site very friendly and supportive, we buoy each other up on the less-than-good days and share the triumphs. Keep in touch and good luck with your 25 minute run.


Thanks Soozz, there's supposed to be a dry weather window here at 6.30am tomorrow morning for about... errr 25 minutes if I'm lucky :)


Well done staying off the smokes. I'm in the same boat, I gave up a 35 year habit on 14th November 2011 (not that I'm counting). Anyway, having conquered the nicotine addiction I now need to get fit hence the running.

I agree with Sooz, switching over to Laura would be possible but each to their own way, if you're comfortable then keep on with what works.


Well done on staying away from the nicotine (34 year habit here), I just keep telling myself that I couldn't possibly keep up the running if I went back to the rollies. As for the lovely Laura it's difficult to decide but I think I'll stick with my timer and own choons - The Soggy Bottom Boys are SO appropriate right now lol


Yep me too! Gave up smoking in May 2010 and really enjoying having this new focus and best of all my lungs can cope with it! Previously I would nearly keel over from lack of breath running for a bus, but I am surprising myself every run!


lol it's brilliant for sure


Non-smokers united :) I gave up in January and trying to get myself fit, currently on week 2. The thought of pounding the pine needles sounds a lot nicer than pounding the streets . No real countryside near me but trying to find different routes to run each time, ah well, back to the streets (so to speak!!!)


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