Going for W2, R2 shortly and feeling tight

Well run 2 of week 2 is already upon us.

I am feeling a bit tight in myself, my muscles are still aching ever so slightly and I feel like I need to be stretched out limb by limb. We don't stretch pre jogging, just afterwards so maybe I need to start thinking about that if it continues. Of course I assume my body is changing too, and it's new feelings as it adjusts?

So this is the hardest one motivation wise so far, I'm still getting out there and doing it though, so I will report back afterwards. Wish me luck!


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10 Replies

  • We do wish you luck 😀

    It's normal to ache. Just go very slowly, take your rest day, have two if needs be and you should finish the programme safely. Your body does change, the niggly aches are testament to that. Hydrate well, eat sensibly and try to get plenty of sleep

    I warm up in the house every time I go out for a run. A little routine to get me good and hot before I start my five or ten minute brisk walk. Some peeps are slow to warm up - me being one of them 😀 I do my brisk cool down walk and then stretch my calves, gastrocs, glutes and upper body once I get home. Followed by a soak,in an Epsom salts bath, with a cuppa

  • Go Tracy😊...you can do it.

  • What about pilates from NHS choices to loosen you up before you set off...xx

  • There is also the stretch and flex podcasts too nhs.uk/Livewell/strength-an...

  • Thanks all. We go on a lunch time at work so time wise all I could fit in would be stretching. I'm going to do some stretching on my rest day too I think.

    We're back and we did it. No breaks needed and my lungs felt so much better than week 1 and even week 2 run 1. My calves are on fire though, like really ouch. So I stretched as normal afterwards and will be sure to stretch over the quiet times too. So pleased I didn't back out of doing it which was in the back of my mind.

  • Well done, great progress. Your legs are just complaining about the extra work, do drink plenty of water after your run to replenish your muscles.

    Toe lifts and heel drops (gently) can ease your calves, only stretch while you are still warm from exercise though.

    When is R3 Friday? Good luck.😊x

  • Yes :D heading off now :D

  • Good luck😊x

  • It's best not to stretch cold muscles really, that's why you do the war up walk. If you walk fast enough during that bit then you'll be fine. Aching is normal, it's your muscles repairing themselves and making themselves stronger. You are doing great :)

  • Thanks for the info :)

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