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Well that was a first - a dash to the passing place

The first kilometre of my route to the village is along a single-track road with passing places. I usually only encounter one or two cars and I simply step off the road onto the grass verge to let them pass. But yesterday after I'd been running for about 4 minutes an approaching car helpfully(!) pulled into the passing place to let me pass - while I was still about 50m from the passing place. Damn, what do I do? Put on a wee spurt of speed, so he wouldn't have to wait too long, but upset my rhythm, or make him wait like I jogged along slowly? I increased my speed slightly (I was on a gentle downhill slope at the time) and gave the driver a wave and an extra big cheery smile as I passed.

Fortunately the rest of the run (W6R3) went ok and I even ran for an extra 3 mins at the end as I was in the groove listening to my music and kept going to the end of the song. (I gave up on Laura after the warm up walk)

Today I'm drinking extra water to replace the pint of blood I donated yesterday tea-time. The nurse at the donation centre said it will be fine to go running tomorrow. He suggested I'd probably be ok to go power walking today as long as I avoid hills, but I feel really tired and am having a rest day. I hope to manage a yoga session later, but will skip the poses that involve weight on my arms as the donating arm is a bit sore today.

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Wow! an extra 3 mins, you're onto week 8 in terms of time! Well done. Week 7 should be very straightforward for you.

And you gave blood too, what a superhero. No wonder you need a rest!


Well done!! :)


Hi SH, I'm just back from my Week 7 run (about 36 hours after giving blood) and am chuffed I managed 28 mins again today - and although I felt really slow, I ran about 400m further than on Tuesday.


That is absolutely great - and encouraging! I'm so glad that you go to donate blood. They won't take mine anymore as I've had chemo. xx


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