W2R2 - It hurts

Breathing is not a problem, I don't feel like panting when I come off the run into the walk. Heavy breathing yes, but I could just about hold a conversation, on the other hand, my shins are killing me. Today it seemed to be the turn of the left shin, randomly. On Monday I had no problems and maybe Friday I won't. Roll on the day I'm fit enough that it's pain free, that does happen right ? I'm not waiting for something that will never come ?

Still, I got there, all the runs done without any extra stops - See you Friday.


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8 Replies

  • Well done Chewy:-) I had different pains each run, hubby said keep running its only pain, so I did, but I do take two paracetamols before I go out. Pat. :-):-)

  • Well done Chewy. Keep it up and hope the shin feels better soon. I seem to be alternating one relatively pain free run with one where I get some kind of niggle and it's always in a different place! I'm hoping Friday will bring two runs in a row without too many issues

  • I've been exactly the same, at first it was my lungs, my chest felt so tight but I'm ok now, I huff anf puff but I've found I recover quicker, but this last week (maybe just over) my calves are burning. I wouldn't mind if it was after the run but its during the run and its really holding me back, I take 2 ibuprofen before I go, I am going to try to do some calf strteches before I go but like my husband said, its all part of changing your life, I haven't run for years, infact I have never 'gone out for a run' so its probably a shock to the muscles but I am determinded (I'm trying to convince myself here!) To push through this, if I start saying I need a week off to rest, I will never start this programme again!!

    I hope your shines feel better soon, if you find a cure please let me know!!

  • I've almost convinced myself that I should go and get some new trainers. My current pair are old and probably not the best for me. I'm not convinced it's a cure but even if it just improves it for me I'd be grateful.

  • It does get better, but it's a gradual thing rather than an overnight switch. I've just done Week 6, run 3 and I still get shin and calve pain, but nowhere near as much as I did at the start :)

  • That's good to hear. I'm not looking for an instant change (though it would be nice) I'm just hoping that it will ease up in time so that I can get through longer runs.

  • i have just done week 3 run 1 and was surprised, i had to pause it half way through and do a couple of calf stretches (felt a complete plank but it did help!) the middle 90 seconds was a killer but the 3 mins were bareable.....very very strange!!

  • Good luck to you...I feel your pain! Each run comes with a new or different ache. I agree though, each week is never as bad as when you just start out. I am into week 4 and investing in new shoes this weekend, I'm hoping it helps. Great job on continuing to run!

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