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W2R2 Done...advise needed


Well I'm at a place I didn't think I would be...actually enjoying running and looking forward to my run days ! Need some divide though as I am struggling with my breathing, don't really understand what Laura said on the app about counting to 4 ? Probably me being thick ! Also when I get to the end of my session I'm finding my feet are burning, I have got proper asics running trainers and sports socks...any know why this would be ?

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I agree I found the breathing in and out, counting to 4 and co-ordinating my feet all at the same time impossible ..I just about tripped over myself and believe me thats easy for me to do anyway. But I did have the same problem, so I just slowed everything down, my pace (slow jog anyway) and consciously slowed my breathing into nice deep breaths, I think I was panicking and that caused my breaths to be shallow and quick. That worked for me and I haven't worried about getting my breathing in sync with my feet. Good Luck

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Jullaly

Snap. I was exactly the same. Now I just breathe slow and don't worry about it. Never use my nose either! :)

I agree, I think you should breathe whichever way assists you in keeping your form and rhythm. I think, especially when you get to the longer runs rythym is everything. For me anyway thinking too much about how I breathe takes my mind off the running form. Can’t wait for W5R1 tomorrow.


There are all sorts of weird aches, pains and sensations... all due to the ... 'what the heck is going on' feeling that your body is experiencing...!

Slow and steady and as for the breathing...just do what you do all the time every day... and if you are struggling...then slow down :)


Just try to slow your breathing down, deep breaths rather than short fast ones. I downloaded an app called “calm” that helped with my breathing. Try that and call me in the morning😉

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