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Restarting after weeklong break wk6

Hi all! I started C25K in June and was up to wk6 R3, doing ok. Last run was a bit of a struggle but managed. Then we went to Rome for a week, no running just a lot of walking in cobblestones in 35 degree heat :-) So I figured I would start by redoing wk6 run 2 to get back into it but it was awful! I had to take a short walking break in each of the 10m segments and was shattered afterwards...So question is: is this normal? should I re-redo wk6 R2 or continue with wk6 R3?

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I found Wk6 tricky and the return to interval running difficult after the 20 minute run at the end of W5 and this was without a break in between, I think a lot of people do (try searching the W6 tags).

If you feel like you're not ready for the 25 minute run then there's no harm in repeating R2, or you could give R3 a go and see how far you get, you're the expert on your own body. Whatever you decide to do my best wishes, the programme ratchets up a notch around this time and it can be challenging both mentally & physically for many of us.


Thanks, I never thought about the switch between interval and longer runs being a problem. I think I will repeat one more time and then continue!


Repeat the run if you didn't do it, but don't worry. Wk 6, which returns to intervals after w5r3 for 20 minutes defeats a lot of people, even those who haven't had a week in Rome! I think it's because the intervals make it hard to develop a rhythm but they are important so that your body is ready for w6 r3. Make your walks as fast as you can without breaking into a trot and then your run just has to be that little bit faster. Relax and go for it :)


Thanks for the advice, it's so nice being in this supportive community!


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