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Week 2 Run 1 - Issues

I started cautiously this morning - it's cold and wet here right now so didn't want to do anything stupid. Just as well because mid-way though the 5 minute warm up, it became clear that my left leg wasn't playing ball today!! Such a searing ache up the side of my left leg which completely disappeared when I started running!! The runs were easy. The extra 30 seconds didn't bother me and I noticed that I wasn't as out of breath as I was a week ago - so some positives to take from this. But the walks in between were interminable. But yet again, I fought through it and didn't quit and I still managed just over 4k even with the pain.

As soon as I got home and stopped moving the pain disappeared and there are no aches and pains in my leg at all now. I did some research and it sounds like a common problem for runners involving the peroneus longus muscle on the outside of the calf. Specific stretches can help so will make sure I apply those before embarking on R2. I do suffer from corns on the outside of the ball of my foot which, when hurting, does cause me to slightly alter my pronation but I would have thought they would be more of an issue when running rather than walking?

Anyone else had issues with this particular muscle and pain? Any remedies?

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Nice one Fraz, I'm glad the pain didn't persist and you've worked out how to deal with it.


Thanks Chewy. Hope you're doing ok with week 2?


Well Done Fraz, I have just got back from W2 R1. I was really dreading it but found it okay. I have been suffering with a pulled tendon on the inside of my ankle so was worried about that today however took Laura's advice and ran on my heels and it hardly bothered me. You learn something new everyday. Me heel down you warm up calf exercises..


Well done newstart! Absolutely, this is a massive learning curve but we'll be so much better off because of it!! Good luck for the rest of week 2 and keep us all posted on your progress.


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