The Pigeon has her wings. I Graduated today!!

Well that's it I have finally graduated!!!

The journey has not been an easy one, I have suffered with really bad knees after the first few weeks which meant I needed to take a few weeks off to recover. But I went back to it and was not put off by the set back. I have now managed something that I really did not think I was capable of, I have run for a total of 30mins 3 times and have no intention of stopping now. I have not yet managed to do 5k in that time so I will now work on increasing the distance I run in the 30mins with the next goal of having the confidence to do my local Parkrun. I have agreed with a friend that has just started the program that we will do the Derby 10k next year so I will need to increase things up gradually so that I am ready for that. So now lets get that green badge sorted and carry this great journey on!!!!

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  • Congratulations from a beginner. I keep saying it but it's true, every graduation inspires me, I want it.

  • Thanks. I took a lot of inspiration from everybody on this site. Good luck with your journey.

  • Well done you!! It sounds like you've got the bug well and truly.

  • Congratulations, great achievement to get through the knee problems that held you back, enjoy your badge!

  • Fantastic, well done for sticking with it through your problems. (Are your knees better now that you're a runner? ). Good luck for the future.

  • The knees and all other joints feel good at the moment, a bit like the rest of me!

  • Well done and what an inspiration you are

  • Well fluffy P you made it and now you need your graduate badge to show off to others.


  • The message is on its way as we speak!

  • Well done. Great inspiration for me as I'm only on w4 but already loving it.

    Hope the knees stay ok and good luck for future runs.

  • Congratulations FluffyPigeon!! This is just the beginning of the beginning now by the sounds of it :D

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