WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST RAN FOR TWENTY MINUTES ! and I found it EASY what's all the fuss about?? right now I'm as high as a kite and there's no one at home to congratulate me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO chuffed roll on week six!this programme really works why didn't team GB pick me to run with Mo ? ok it was only twenty minutes but who would have thought an over weight unfit fifty year old woman could actually "run" for this long OMG I'm chuffed to bits.

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  • PS and no wardrobe malfunctions !!!

  • well done you x :-)

  • This warms my heart. I'm pleased for you and if you don't mind I'll pinch a bit of encouragement as an unfit, overweight 51 year old bloke.

  • If I can do it any one can ...three years ago I had major spinal surgery and in June I fractured my sacrum so loads of back problems ... but still buzzing LOADS time for a celebration cuppa sad I know what I'd really like is to go out for another run!

  • From a fellow overweight 50 year old (51 on Sunday!) WOO HOO YOU HERO!

  • Oh thats great - you have done brill! I can still remember the buzz I had after doing my first 20 mins. Good luck for week 6 x

  • Well done. I'm so pleased for you, I'm hoping that wil be me in a about a week's time.

    Hope you really enjoy future runs.

  • Well done. The scary bit is done. All down hill from here.

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