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Week5R1 with Michael on board!

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First Week 5 run this morning. Decided to switch from lovely Laura to Michael as thought an Olympic Champion might be what I need to push me through......well it worked! Negotiated small hills around where I live and the strong winds. Dead chuffed...but also a bit unnerved about runs 2 and especially 3. Twenty minutes!! How is that possible? Does anyone else find the first run of the day the hardest? After that is done the rest of the programme is easier to breathe through

11 Replies
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I have Michael. His voice is great 😁

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The 20 is possible because it’s a shorter workout than the one before, which is 21 minutes assuming you’re walking briskly between runs. You can do it, just pace yourself.

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you Here's hoping x

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Check out posts for the "toxic 10". It explains why things get easier as you go along.

I've listened to all of trainers and don't really have favourite, they're all great.

Well done on your progress, don't fear run 3, you can do it.

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to sparkyjohn

Thank you x Here's hoping

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I've just done this today ( IC comeback )

It was far too dark, I think I set my clock too early, so now I have ordered a headlamp, as I had to run in continuous loops around houses where I live, I'm not doing that again!!

Usually very early I would have done a different, well lit route, but that would have been straight into a headwind, and why set yourself up to fail?

The 20 minutes is of course possible, all the other runs have prepared us for it.

MJ was too mellow for me, somehow I didn't feel that driven by him, I'm currently listening to Sarah, and she is very proud of me🤗

Maybe we will be doing the 20 on the same day, good luck with it🤪

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to Jell6

I left the house at 5.45. Very windy and had to dodge conkers, apples twigs etc so a headlamp would have been helpful. I prefer running first thing as no/less people around to see my red face or hear my wheezing! Also can wear any old rubbish as it's dark!!! Planning on Run2 on Thursday and R3 on Saturday Arrrggghhhh so wish you good luck too

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I'm run 2 on Thursday, but the big one on Sunday 🏃‍♀️🛌

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to Jell6

I'll think of you , as I'm in the dark, on Thursday!

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Well done...Just keep it slow and keep it steady and you will be ready for each and every run :)

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Michael's velvet tones help me!

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