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W4 R1

I've so enjoyed this podcast and my journey to run. But after I completed this last run I got home and my hip was agony! I could hardly walk. I only do a light jog and I've been fine up to the 5min run. I'm so disappointed I could cry. I havnt run for a week now and I'm almost afraid to as the pain was so bad. It wasn't muscular pain but more like bone!? What would you do?? :(

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I had the most horrible pain at times through week 1 and 2 right in my hip area where my leg bends. I worked through it but it slowed me down. This week I'm not noticing the pain. I am scared about progressing to week 4 and after reading your post, I am terrified! :-) I feel for you and hopefully you will get some great advice here on the board. Good luck to you!!!


I started getting hip pain in week 3 which by week 4 stoppped me running for a few days. I went and had a gait analysis. I ended up with new trainers which have really helped. I still get a niggle, but not enough to stop the running. I find an ice pack at the end of a run helps no end.


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