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Wow - and onto Week 4

Wow - and onto Week 4

After three weeks holiday in France, where I progressed through week 2 and 3, I have now just got home and completed W4 R1 in the local park.

This is a big step - on holiday I was running along the Nante Brest canal (see picture above) and was lucky if I saw more than one person and an odd fisherman - oh and one day an otter!!!. At home in my town it was a very different matter- although I left at 7 AM, there were people going to work, lots of dog walkers in the park and even a couple of runners looking far more seasoned than my 4 weeks.

The reason it was a big step? I am very self conscious about my size and was very worried that when out and about running I would be laughed at.

Brittany was 'safe' and very empty,and I managed to slot my runs into a daily routine easily. Back home making my way to the park this morning in my running gear I felt very vulnerable. But - no one laughed at me or gave me disbelieving stares, mainly I was ignored and I just got on with it. (although I kept zigzagging to avoid too close a contact with anyone!!)

I hope that I have started a new sustainable routine that will see me through beyond week 9. I feel very pleased with my self to have got this far.

Quite a toughy though the first W4 run - and I do run VERY slowly. Never mind at least I am doing it!!!

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I am a size 18, one of my first blogs on here was about my Mums response to me telling her i was starting this programme.... she said 'i dont think ladies your size should be out running!'

However, i've got to say i have never been mocked or laughed at, i have had some lovely encouraging comments from strangers telling me they wish they could have my motivation, i even passed gangs of teenagers one Saturday night (note to self dont run in local park on a saturady night!) however, said teenagers smiled at me! not laughed.......Smiled!!!!

You'll soon see that people only admire us for doing this, and so they should! Well done! be proud that you are achieving something most people only think about!


What a lovely comment from nicolaclaire, bless those smiling teenagers! I think these days so many people of all shapes and sizes/fitness levels are out running that it barely gets a second glance, but when I started out I felt very self conscious (& I'm not overweight, just shy!), the mental boost from getting out there and conquering those demons is another plus to running.

Love that photo btw. :-)


OMG when you run- don't care who's watching- I am not skinny minny myself, but when I see larger people run, I think to myself "GO ON!!! YOU CAN DO IT".

KEEP IT UP. I am on week4 day 1 tonight! I can't wait :)


Before I started c25k (5-6 stone overweight) I used to see other overweight people running and think 'how can they do that, I couldn't possibly do that'. I felt quite self-concious the first time I ran outside (I had thought about doing c25k on the treadmill) but once I started I thought 'I'm doing this, I'm changing my life. Anyone who laughs at me wobbling along isn''t worth my attention because I'm actually challenging myself and I'm going to succeed!'. What I've actually found is that people I pass smile and look impressed and mutter words of encouragment. :) It's easy to stay on the couch, so you're beating everyone there. And anyone who's always been slim and fit has no idea what a real challenge is, so you're beating them too. ;)


Thanks so much for your support and understanding. It is an amazing journey doing C25K.

Brings up all sorts of things - low self esteem, poor body image, lack of self confidence. The fitness element is in some ways the smallest part, especially if you are carrying extra weight. Although I suspect it applies to many of us whatever age or size to be honest.

Uhuru hope you enjoy your run, do let us know how it went.

Thanks again everyone. : )


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