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New Runner, Week 4 not as scary as it seemed

Hi all

Nice to find there is a forum for this great program.

I just managed R1 of W4, which seemed much harder on paper than it turned out to be (I hope R1 wasn't just a fluke and I can manage 2 and 3 as well!)

I ended up doing week 3 3 times, once extra because I didn't feel ready for W4 and once to get me back to running after being out for 2 weeks with a really bad flu.

W4 is definitly a big step up in difficulty but the advice and tips where spot on. Actually looking forward to my next run!

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Well done Razerbug, sounds like you're doing really well. Bad luck about the flu but seems like you're past that now and running well. Trust the programme- if you can do r1 then you can definitely do r2 and 3. Good luck and happy running!


Reading this gives me hope as I'm due to run the first run of week four in the morning!!


I found I had to slow my face by about a quarter on the last 5 min run, but almost exactly when Laura pointed out this was okay to do... Trust the program, I think it knows what we're capable of better than we do :P

Good luck with your run!


I'm loving it so far! Thanks for the tip!


I did it! In the rain, sent a few snails to tarmac oblivion but managed it and feel great now! Wahoooo!


Well done!! It's amazing how much you surprise yourself doing this huh! I finished week 4 yesterday (been looking at week 5...eeeek!) and like you I was ill at the end of week 3 so had to take some time out. Drove me crazy and actually missed not running which was a first for me! Keep going because I found week 4 actually got easier as my body got back to normal. Well done again :-)


You've done great, well done.

Each week does ramp it up a bit but in a tested and proven way. Those first 5 mins are a surprise aren't they?

But listen to Laura and you can't go wrong. Take your rest days even if you're feeling you don't need them cos you do!

Good luck with rest - and welcome to the joy of running :-) :-) x


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