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W1R2 - Get in !

Munching on Laura's recommended banana and still in my running kit but satisfied that I've now got 2/3 from the first week.

My left shin hurt today which I didn't understand, it was fine on Monday, maybe I put in more effort today, not sure but I'll keep an eye on that. The other stupid mistake was to tie my right shoe too tight around the new socks I was wearing (thicker) the bottom of my sole went numb by the time I'd finished.

Looking forward to Friday's run and today's feast. I'm doing an alternate day fasting diet so I eat on the days I run which seems to make sense. Don't take any recommendations from me though, I'm not a Doctor or any other sort of health care professional.

See you Friday

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Well done getting out there again :-)

I've been looking at fasting 2days a week (600 calories fasting) after seeing the Horizon programme, be interested to know how you're finding it in a couple of weeks.


Thanks Phil,

The horizon programme is exactly where I got the idea from and I've done some other research just to get a second opinion. I'm going for alternate days on 600 calorie fasting for 3 days a week alternating with the running days.

I'll let you know what progress I see, early days yet.


Great stuff, i wouldn't worry too much about the odd ache early on. My legs ached something rotten on my 1st run especially my shins but now they're fine. I figured that my body just took a while to realise that i was going to Stick at this whether it liked it or not (o:


Thanks Sinope, I think you're right, I think it will wear off as I get more fit but hearing from someone who's been there is reassuring.


Hi Chewy :) Are you doing the full ADF or the 5:2 (or even 6:3 whatever that is)? I'm thinking of giving the 5:2 a go but worried how this might affect energy levels and whether this is a good thing to do while tackling the C25K. How's it going for you?


Hi Fraz, So I'm not sure how it might be described because I'm just making it up for myself from what I've seen and read. My plan is to run Mon, Wed, Fri and fast on the alternate days Tue, Thu and Sat. Sunday will be a day off from everything (not religiously derived just the way the schedule works). The fast days will be based on 600 calories in a day which is not actually starving, just a low intake.

I have no idea how well it will work, as I mentioned to Phil, I was inspired by the BBC Horizon programme on the subject (may still be on iplayer if you didn't catch it) but the idea appeals to me and if it works for weight loss then anything else it may help with is a bonus.


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