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Whew, I did W8r2 no probs,except my leg giving way! Good job I have a spare one!

I'm so happy to say that todays run was excellent compared to Monday. I just had a nasty coming down a hill. My left leg felt as though it was giving way and I had to put my foot down flat. Once I stumbled, and thought fleetingly 'oh that's it. I'll have to give up' but I carried on down the hill and it sorted itself out on the flat so shouldn't be a problem. If it keeps happening, I'll just have to stay on flatter runs. I did my upslope again today. I seem to have done 4.56K, although I did carry on after Laura said to stop, because I wanted to be able to be accurate in working out the distance I ran. I had a banana before I went out, and came back with a normal blood sugar so everything in the garden's rosey today! ( :

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Excellent, so glad you got your blood sugar sorted and your mojo back by the sound of it - I always have a banana before I run too, great slow release energy. :-)


Thanks notbad, the banana was just enough to keep me at a good level! I'm looking for research that says milk chocolate is good before running, would be worth getting up for that!


Sounds like an excellent idea! Yum. So pleased it went well for you, you needed a good run after the last one. And your distance is brilliant! Well done.


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