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I have a plan! But is it a good one?

Eh Up fellow runners,

I hope you're all fine and dandy and enjoying the beautiful weather.

As you know if you regularly read my forum blathering I have recently graduated from B210K, and while bring overjoyed at such an achievement I was also a little bit aghast to be a cast out from the comfort of 'yet another running podcast plan' into the big wide plan-free world.

Anyway, after a couple of days thinking on, I've decided to go ahead and make my own plan. I've also been working on uploading lots and lots of upbeat music onto my ancient iPod to help me face life without Sami's (rather cheesy) tunes.

Anyway, the point is, whaddya think?

Just to be clear, every row is a new week.

I did look at plans from other places but have decided to attempt to make my own, firstly to break the running plan dependency cycle (I have to eventually) and also, just because I can :D

Please do feel free to give me any opinions that spring to mind, it's difficult to strike the balance between keeping it ambitious enough to keep my interest (and keep those lovely pizza calories burning) while keeping it realistic for my time and ability.

Let me know, happy running,

Emily :)

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I've just noticed my tags for this post, nice to see HealthUnlocked has a sense of humour :o


Running Dependency! I think that's what your new plan should be called; RDP - Running Dependency Plan! :D Looks good, Em; are you doing two runs a week, or have I misunderstood that? It looks good as it focuses on something different each run, which is the way forward, I solidly believe. Nice build-up in distance too. :-)


This site knows me too well, I'm a fully fledged running dependent.

The plan was three runs a week, one short, one long and one either hills or with one of Laura's podcasts. Glad to hear you think this is heading in the right direction. I didn't know if the build-up was a little much, but considering with B210K I've been doing 3 'long' runs a week, I think I'll be raring to run further in my one long run a week with this programme.

Looking forward to getting this, or something like it, printed off an don my wall ready for 'ticking' :D


Yes, it's definitely a good plan though I echo what AM has wisely said. That's what I've been doing. If I'm due to do a run and, for whatever reason, I don't feel up to it, I won't do it, or will scale it back a bit to make it more manageable. The plan is great but do adjust it to how you feel at the time. :-)

Oh I know what you mean: Runners Anonymous, so great our scale of dependency! :D


That's A LOT of running Em, but if anyone can do it, you can. All I would say, from my many experiences of the injury couch, is to listen to your body and if it ever says woaaaa, then cut yourself some slack and slip in an easy week. Good luck m'dear. :)

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Thanks Ancientmum, I think that's really good advice. It's hard to allow for these things when setting out a programme because you never know how you're going to feel. I've tried to make every other week a bit easier by shortening the short run back down to 5 Km but I will try and be flexible and ease up if I feel the need..


Ah - the elusive hunt for a HM eh Em? :)

Good for you... there's a LOT of running there but you've just completed B210K not long after C25K so you and your young body are used to the increases... I reckon it's a great plan and the only comment would be second what MY and AM have already said - if it gets too much, then just back it off... burn out sucks!

Good luck! We'll cheer you on next year in the London Marathon! :)


Think so Aussie :)

I thought 3 months was a good length for a programme and making it up to 21 Km would be a bonus. I have a friend who is running an extra 0.8K a week, but frankly I can't be bothered with that kind of maths!

I'm STILL being a wimp about races, no races or park runs for me yet. If I don't snap out of it you'll all just have to come over and cheer me on in my own lone unsociable runner Cardiff marathon! Oh dear :)

I'm very much on board with resting when needed too. In fact, since my 10K on Monday I've been chilling out. I did a cheeky garmin free Stamina podcast around the park last night and that was it. The Running Dependency Plan starts next week!


This is really impressive. My own plan has gone to the wall a bit (so disappointed) and I am in the process of trying to get back to 30mins continuous (so easy in week 9!). What I'm thinking of doing is the B210K *or* the HM podcast recommeded by M_Y but as you've done the B210K I would say you have got more than enough ability to get through this to a HM.

Buggering my Achilles hasn't helped either, first injury in 13 weeks of running! So make sure you don't push yourself too hard.

There is nothing like seeing things on a fridge getting ticked off - feel the progress! :D :D :D


Thanks BettysbOps.

Sorry to hear your running hasn't been going to plan :( Don't be too hard on yourself though, if you're injured you need to rest up and recover properly. I'm sure you'll get back to 30 minutes very soon, that fitness takes weeks and weeks to fade. In terms of a new plan there is so so much advice on here about every possible post-C25K route. And you can always change it up if you find it doesn't suit you.

I'm glad you like the look of my plan. The fridge is an excellent idea, there might even be a little note to self 'stop snacking and run!'. The B210K plan was stuck on my wall with a simpler message, along the lines of 'Go! Go! Go!'. The things we do! :D

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