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oh my goodness how did I make 11km?

Surprised myself today on week 3 of bridge to 10k. I am using a running track next to the sports centre for ease. But I jog there and back, more or less. Anyway this time

I was shocked muself to find I had completed 11.17km no less. Not bad for an over 50 and now overweight person.

11.17 km Run / Jog with MapMyRun

Duration: 1:26:17

Pace: 7.7 min/km

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Congratulations Burstcouch! I'm at the same place as you (B210K W3R1) and only managed 7 this morning. That is fantastic! xox delia


Quote: "only managed 7" - :D :D "only..."?

I know what you mean of course, but still! :)


I am soooo slow, I mean it took me a whole hour!

Seriously though, I really don't mind. A year ago I couldn't run at all. But no way will I ever get to the heights of half marathons and the like. I t would take me all bloody day :-)


Now I know I should stop this competing about how slow I am, but... I only get to 6k in an hour. So you're fast! ;)

Though my short (mile) runs are faster, so I think maybe one day I'll get to be as fast as you. He he! :)


No, no, I insist, I am definitely slower! I was actually just under the 7K as I had included my warm up. Shall we call it a tie? :-)


:D Oh, all right then! I am chuckling!

Have a good weekend. I'm off to a garden show soon - fingers crossed it doesn't pour with rain (very dark sky at the moment!)


it is exactlky 21 degrees here -- tee hee!

have a lovely day, love delia


Wow! Well done! I'm planning to start this after 5x50. Will be looking for your blogs with interest :)


hey Delia, If I I did not jog there and back to the track I would be doing same as you. Getting to enjoy the long runs though especially when your breathing slows down so much you don't notice the huffing and puffing!

Khrissy your doing great with the 5x50, which I could never do. That shows determination.


Thanks Burst! I'm doing the 5 x 50 too so I suppose I am totally round the bend but without a goal I just get bored.


well done, that's absolutely brilliant ! I can only dream of 11k. I'm slowly working my way up to 10k - 7.4 the furthest so far, so I'm in total awe of you. Congratulations.


Congratulations, hope you're enjoying the longer distances, sounds like you are, I think it's brilliant when you just run and forget the breathing.

PS LOL at he greenlegs and Delia exchange above.


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