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Feeling blue :(

Despite the occasional bout of rib pain from my mysterious pulled muscle I was managing to get out and do a 30 min run three or four times a week and was really pleased with my progress post-graduation. Then on Friday I got really bad pain in my knee and I've realised that I've got pretty bad ITB syndrome. I've had twinges before but this was bad and it's been sore all weekend.

So frustrated. I have started doing a series of stretches on it each day which are meant to help and I've been icing it but I know it will take a while to get better.

I've had a lot of problems with my eating and my weight in the past and I am a bit obsessive about getting my exercise in and keeping in routine. Does anyone know if using an exercise bike would be OK while I am trying to get my leg better? I've read conflicting reports on cycling and ITB online. The idea of not exercising at all for a while is making me a bit worried.

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I think any injury that is on going should be checked by your doctor. Wishing you luck and a speedy recovery.


I believe that cycling is on the banned list:

Check with a good doctor.

Good luck!


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