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Feeling despondent


I graduated c25k a couple of months ago and was amazed that not only had I done it, but that I wanted to keep doing it! Didn’t see that one coming!

I had to have some physio during the programme for hip pain (TFL) which really helped and allowed me to keep training.

Unfortunately it’s come back and after a couple of very slow runs last week with intermittent pain, I had to give up completely today as the shooting pains up my thigh were really getting too bad and it felt kind of foolish to keep going.

I’ve got a sports massage booked on Tuesday so hopefully that will help. But just feeling sorry for myself today. I’ve finally found an exercise that I’ve been motivated to stick with ... but my body seems to have other ideas. 😢

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So sorry to hear of your health issue. Hopefully Tuesdays treatment will help. I can't offer any medical advice but if sympathy is any help, you've got it.

Good luck


I am feeling sorry for myself today too. Graduated last month, ankle unhappy. I never expected this to become such an addiction even when I still find it really hard to do. Now the thought of being without it fills me with horror! I've got some exercises to do and taking a break until I feel right. Good luck next week with your massage and hope we are both able to get back to it soon!

Hope your ankle heals too happysouls. You hit the nail on the head about how funny it is that something so hard can be so addictive!

Fingers crossed we both get going again x


Let’s hope you bounce back soon. 🤞

Know exactly how you feel..battling a back problem that's has dogged me for over 20 years..and my back started complaining big time as I started doing the longer runs..differing opinions from docs about whether running is advisable...personally I would take a rest and then resume and see what happens...ignoring pain is probably not a good idea..

shuffles42 in reply to Sofabunny

Thanks sofa bunny. Hope that advice works for your back too.

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