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Feeling the heat on longer runs

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Hi all, I've been reading your posts here for a while, but just signed up today. I started C25K in January, and am now in week 7! Still can't quite get my head round the fact that having struggled to run for one minute in week 1, I can now run for 25 minutes and enjoy it!

What I am finding though, is that I get ridiculously hot while out running. I'm in Scotland, so unused to any heat, but the sunny weather the last couple of days has been a bit of a struggle for me. I usually go out in the evening, and it's not been what anyone could really describe as even warm. I would like to be able to run in properly warm weather, and during the day, and wondered if others also had this overheating issue? Does it get better?

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I get very hot too so am running later in the day

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What kind of clothing are you wearing ? what kind of hat?? When I first started running, I just used shorts and ordinary cotton t-shirts and any ordinary baseball cap. Now I wear proper running t-shirts ( they are very light and airy and don't retain moisture/sweat like cotton does) and a running cap made out of the same material. Much better now - although I also seem to heat up a lot as well. It is coming on Autumn here - and yesterday morning was around 18C at just after sunrise- when I first went out , I felt a little "chilly" - but soon worked up a sweat and a flushed face.

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revrunsGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Hi Bazza, I'm wearing running gear - long running tights and last week a t-shirt instead of long sleeved top. The wicking fabrics certainly do their job - I don't feel sweaty at all, even though I am! No hat - I'd definately overheat in a hat! I find that my ears are getting hot and sweaty because of the earphone things I have to wear to hear Laura. My face is still very red a couple of hours after a run. :(

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Revruns are you taking water with you? Some don't need it, but others find it helps in hot weather. Can you slightly wet your hair and your wrists before you go out, to at least keep cool in the beginning.

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If you ever find the answer to this one let me know please! I graduated in November 2012 and have been running 3 times a week since then. Last year I did a half marathon in September, and had to do all my training runs very early (5.45am) so I could go out before it got too warm!

Good luck with the rest of the plan - you've nearly done it!

I am so with you on this ! I usually run in my lunch hour and I look like a tomato all afternoon...

There is one simple 'trick' that I have found that helps, and that is to run first thing in the morning. I prefer running at this time of day, but my wife prefers evenings, and I have found that I am cooler in the morning. I have also found that running by water helps, but knowing Scotland as I do, the BIG problem here is midges.

Good luck with the running.

I like to run earlier in the day before it gets warm. Can't suggest anything else as it's all been covered. In the meantime though, welcome to the forum even if you have waited until W7 to join us. Good luck with the rest of your runs. Best wishes.

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I found that doing a longer cool down walk really helps. If I go indoors straight after the cool down walk I feel suddenly very hot, begin sweating profusely and go bright pink. So I walk longer and drink cool water.

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Sally have you seen the buff with the midge net?

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I feel the heat too, I would much rather run through the winter than the summer! I run early morning but that is my preferred time anyway. No way could I run in the evening in even slightly warm weather. I don't have any tips to offer - sorry! I wish I knew the answer.

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Hmm! I am an evening runner & hate the heat. Monday evening running along the riverside, at the tail end of the day, I acquired at least 5 bites & 3 of those on my bottom through 2 layers of clothing. So tonight I'm having some pasta before bed & as it's my day off tomorrow I'm going to try a morning run again. I do find that not all T shirts are born equal & my coolest one (& we're talking temperature here) is the cheapy one I bought a week ago from Lidls.

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Hi all - thanks for all the comments. I had a google about, and it does seem that the red-faced look from any exertion at all is just something that fair-skinned people like me are more prone to. I seem to lose heat through my face and head - my feet don't sweat all at all, but my hair and the back of my neck get wringing wet. :( Thing is - it is not hot! I've been running in the evening, in the shade mostly, and in temperatures of about 15-18C. In many countries that would be considered chilly!

I think I just have a naturally low internal thermostat, and I do live in a pretty cold house, and work from home, so I'm not used to any kind of heat. Come the summer-time, I'll be out in the early hours of the morning unless I can get acclimatised.

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