w7 r1 done, even surprised myself

after not been able to run for over 3 wks again cos of my knees i thought am gonna try and c what happens,so knee supports on and me and my friend set off expecting the worst, but we did it really easily, i was over the moon at how we finished it, my knees wont let me run every other day so am only able to go out on a wed and sun, but i'm just pleased that i dont hav to pack in altogether.....so wk 9 i'm comin for ya . :-)


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6 Replies

  • Congratulations!!! It sounds like you have found the perfect way to combine this program with the challenges you face concerning the knees. You will be graduating in no time! I am in week 6 which I am finding very difficult, you a total inspiration!

  • i struggled with the last run of wk 6 it took 3 attempts to finish it but the feelin u get knowin u can run for 25 mins is incredible....just perservere and you will get there...good luck

  • Well done! I am so glad to hear that others have had problems with wk 6 run 3. I haven't had any serious difficulties yet (other than a restart due to injury).

    I stopped my run at about 23 minutes today. I just couldn't breath deeply enough and the heat was bothering me. I really would have like to have succeeded, but I figure that at least it is more than the 20 minutes of week 5 and a stepping stone to week 7?

    Does anyone have any advice on whether I should do this run again or proceed to week 7 (as each run is 25 minutes?)

  • Should say... I am not happy to hear that others have had difficulties, but am happy to hear that I am not alone.!!

  • i only managed 20 mins the first time i tried in then giv it another go and managed 22 so i was determined to finish the week so me and my friend mapped a route and we nailed it i think havin a start and finish really helped to keep us goin, b4 that we were just runnin round and round a field so if u no doin it already id try that, i bet u manage it the next time, my breathin is usually a problem as well cant get enough breath and hav to run with my mouth open, cant do the in thru the nose and out the mouth....good luck

  • thanks for the suggestions. Breathing is what was getting me today too. I must work on it. Good luck!

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