Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 2 And breathing apparatus


I mean, last week of the training amd the hardest run so far!!! Wth is going on

I set off so determined to run like last time, 30 minutes struggling the last 10

I was struggling from minute 11

but I had promised myself that I would only buy new training shoes after compliting the programme, and having already ordered them on line, I was determined to finish this run

And I did

Then I walked out of breath

And I showered, out of breath


One more to go and I hope the shoes arrive and they fit. I also bought a pair of leggings

This time I only started "map my run" for the 30 minutes of running (before I would include the walking) so I was disappointed when I saw that I only did 3.49 km of actual running :'(

I though by the end of this I woould be doing 5 km

Oh well...

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The plan is misnamed. It trains us to be able to run for 30 minutes. I hope you feel less disappointed now. Well done for coming so far and good luck for the next two runs and for all the runs after your graduation :-)

I also meant to say, getting out of breath means you run too fast, slow down a bit!

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Well done for keeping going! Don't worry about the distance! Those who finish doing 5k in 30 minutes are in the minority here and a large percentage of us have not got to that point months or years after graduation. But the same of us have probably been running 5k or 10k and attended running events etc. It's not about the speed....but as you continue to increase your running time and distance, you will probably find that your speed also increases over time.

Well done for getting this far - and I hope the shoes fit well!

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Yes it does sound as if you're in too big a hurry. Pace yourself and you'll be fine and avoid getting an injury

New Shoes!!!! Great idea. You have to post a photo of new shoes. It's the law around these parts. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

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I will post a pic

I also got them super cheap on asics sale! :-)


OMG too fast? But I saw a couple of snails run past me, laughing and pointing hahaaa

I think if I go any slower I will tip over!


Thanks for your support guys :-)

Great community here!


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