First ever Parkrun 1/08/2015

Hi there, well I did it i was last through the finish line but i got there in the end. As advised by a few of the contributors on health unlocked they said well your on week 7 of the couch to 5k why not go for it? I did ok, was just glad to finish my time for 5k was 48:15, and although I had a lovely women tailgating I just wish I had gone a little slower I was not used to the pace that I was trying to run. my running pace is like a snail ha ha. Next week i am going to run like a snail and prob finish last again but i dont care :) It is a very hilly parkrun as well I dont mind admitting I stopped to walk a good few times to catch my breath. I got back home had a good stretch, hot bath and got my dressing gown on and lay on the bed to relax, i did however sleep for a good few hours, muscles were floppy and my head pounding, are these symptons normal? I feel like I dont have any more energy today. Also while i would usually be psyching myself up to run for 25 mins as i usually do for this point in c25k i think i only managed 16 before thinking enough is enough i can not go on. is this normal for a parkrun? anyway hope to hear your responses, speak soon.


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30 Replies

  • Firstly really well done you for having a real good go at parkrun :D and a hilly one at that , hats off :D

    I didn't pluck up the courage until well after I graduated and knew I could easily run 5k with walks or stops ...

    As for the after effects can honestly say haven't experienced those, a lot of running is the mental challenge as much as physical and can be just as tiring as each other , hence the days rest or more in between each run, the mind needs to recover as much as they body.

    Unless there is an underlying medical condition hopefully things will improve as you get further into C25K and your mind and body gets stronger :D

  • Thank you soooo much I am so happy I completed it.I dont have any medical conditions so I think it is just a case of excitement, maybe a little stress and completion of it and my body telling me to now rest, think il have a couple of days off to get over it all ha ha.

  • Good thinking , how many rest days you have is again upto you , enjoy the rest and recovery time :D :D

  • A big "well done" is in order. It doesn't matter you walked a bit, parkrun is 5K and it's the first time you've run that far. And in terms of time you ran twice what you would do for c25k, and that is a quite a feat. No wonder you feel bashed about. Have a couple of rest days at least before the next c25k run. I'm sure the next parkrun you do will be easier.

  • Good for you, taking on the Parkrun "before you're ready". Now there's a fair chance that next week or the week after will bring you a PB. You'll probably be hitting those quite often from now on.

    If you were last in with a time like that, you must have faster Parkruns than the one I do. We have nearly 1000 people, and run down a part of Durban beachfront, and back. It's nearly perfectly flat, and the paving is nearly perfectly even. Also this run is popular with the retired folk, many of whom just walk it. I think our slowest times are quite a bit over an hour, as a result. Nice thing is that nobody under 70 need ever be worried about being the last one home. Somebody else will do that for you - and with a smile, too.

    I think maybe you'd want to mention the pounding head at your next medical, but it just sounds to me like you gave it your all. You will, of course, suffer for that, but it's strangely satisfying to sometimes empty out all those last reserves, and burn the lungs, while the legs go to jelly. It makes one feel brave. You could start quoting "We will fight them on the beaches ... " as you go, and it would not be entirely in jest.

    I often need to sleep after a hard run. My attitude to that is that obviously it's what my body wants, so I'll give it to it if I can. I don't know. Maybe just try to enjoy whatever there is to enjoy in the exhaustion? And never mind if the battery runs out when you've flattened it like that? Probably your more moderate plan for the next Parkrun is the wiser, though.

    Enjoy this week's running! :-)

  • I can remember when I was at the later stages of C25k almost falling asleep at work after a morning run. These days 5k before work rarely has any effect on me.

    Well done you for persevering and telling yourself that you will go again. You won't be last for long. Don't forget, parkrun is about running against yourself and now you have set a time that you will beat.

    By the way, the tail runner would probably not like being called a tailgater!!

  • ha ha aww sorry i knew it was tail something lol the amount of times ive heard the word tailrunner as well lol you knew what i meant :))))))))))))

    now to beat my time!!! Come on i can do this!!!

  • Oh yes you can!!!

  • Well done jogon, I did my first park run today as well but like slow_rob I graduated a long time ago but have been apprehensive about doing a park run so congratulations on doing one before graduation. I hope you keep going to them as you will soon see you pace increasing and your times coming down.

  • congratulations on you first park run today also how did you find it?

  • Very friendly and welcoming l was lucky that this week was the once a month they had pace runners so I followed the pacer who was closest to my average time for 5K. They got all first timers together before the start to explain the course and what to at the finish to collect your timing token. They catered for all abilities and even had a pacer doing 1 minute running 2 minutes walking. A great experience and one i will now try to go to each week.

  • aww fantastic, which parkrun do you attend?

  • Woodley in Berkshire

  • Great!, your a bit too far away to do a bit of training ha ha :)

  • It is for Watergrove park run jogon and it was me who scanned your barcode lol. Well done and now you see what I mean, if it is any comfort it is apparently the hardest one in the country, but well done to you.

  • I would add Jogon, do not be put off, this course is a real test trust me. It starts off making you think this isnt to bad. But once you hit the cobbles and they were slippy today its tough, its described as a gentle climb, but it sure doesnt feel like a gentle climb. Then once you hit the peak and drop down to the bridges you think, thank god for that and then oh no its uphill again and that part is a horrible climb because it climbs again midway. Worse is still to come, once you go back over the bridhes the next hill is a killer I can only make it through the gate before I have to walk I have only made it once without walking up that bit. Then as you now know its a left and uphill again! For a good stretch. Ghosh, but you can take around 2 minutes off your time if you had ran almost any other course. So don't be put off, keep at it

  • Hi Hussainboltz, yep that was me with the bright red face and hair all over the show ha ha! I'm not going to lie it was tough to say im usually used to running around the lake and along the main road, i do try to get some hills in such as towards the train station at smithybridge but nothing really prepared me for it today, i cant even remember the route ha ha. I'm so glad i completed the course, i was a bit gutted that having ran solid for 25 mins i didnt come close but im not suprised with those hills, on saying that though it can only make me stronger. next week i am going to start off slower, everyone seemed to bolt off but if id had stayed to my usual snail pace i think i could have focused more on my breathing and technique.

  • Pat yourself on the back, you did the toughest course, it takes courage trust me. Pick some of the fast runners and look at their time on other courses. There is a picture of me running it with a good friend of mine two weeks ago, he acted as my pacemaker and I did it in 25 minutes, he hardly broke sweat! He was chatting to me all the way round and I couldn't answer him. I'm running it next week, so we'll see how I get on.

  • I don't do things the easy way do i? One of the toughest course in the country now im definitley gonna give myself a pat on the back for that, no wonder ive felt drained all day, i've had a couple of naps too, its what my body needed i guess. I was so happy i wanted my time there and then didnt i? :))) Thank god you said you couldn't answer your friend I had Julia running alongside me today and i tried answering whenever i could without sounding ignorant bless her, she was trying her best to keep me going though so thumbs upto her! Some of the time i just could speak ha ha. Where are the pictures of you running with your friend I'll check them out.

  • there is also a few on watergrove facebook page on the left hand side click names

  • Cool, Im just taking a look at them now, was that a special event didnt notice any cameras out today?

  • No sometimes Zain comes and takes pictures, Im the only pic with two of us crossing the line, I'm the one in blue. my friend is an excellent runner hes the same age as me and does that course in 20 minutes! Just keep scrolling through, also look on the facebook site I'm with the volunteer vest on doing the tailrunner in those pics. Look on the Mark Heaney pics on the facebook link

  • 20 minutes is an excellent time! I would never be able to beat that you have to be extremely fit!

  • tell me about it lol

  • still your 25 minutes is good going you should be proud! im going to aim for 43 minutes next week, knock 2 minutes off if i can

  • Just keep doing what you are doing, your times will drop, take a look at mine on the results page and you will see what I mean. if you click my name all my times will come up

  • ah brill i will do whats your name? I'm Zoe by the way :)

  • Well Done 😃xx

  • thank you hungryhorse! x

  • No probs, glad to be of help, people helped me on here so no worries

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