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Week 4 Run 2 and feeling good :)

As I mentioned elsewhere on here I had a 12 day break from running when I undertook 12 days of hillwalking. I picked up the programme where I left off and easily managed to complete the last walk of week 3. But then I was impatient to 'catch up', and ignored the accepted advice and went out the next day to tackle W4r1. I struggled with this - the first time I've really struggled - and had to talk sternly to myself to keep running the entire 5 minutes slots.

So sense prevailed and I took the recommended recovery day and completed the W4r2 easily. Plus, I'm pleased to see I've gone a bit further. Checking Memory Map I see I covered 4.1km in the 30 minutes (plus, an extra 1.5 km walk uphill to get home after the end of the podcast.)

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Good to hear the postive stuff!

Found W4 R1 a bit (quite a bit!) harder on Tuesday than I'd expected, was loving the programme up to then and though I knew things had to step up a tad I suppose I'd hoped / expected it would be easier! But then if was that easy we wouldn't need Laura would we! :-). Had so many other priorities to deal with these last few days, so just onto W4R2 this weekend, probably later today - and am really looking forward to it now after reading your blog.


Im doing w4 run 3 tomorrow, week 4 is the first week ive not really looked forward to the runs, the 5 minute spells have been really hard for me. but im going to stick with it... ive got this far im not giving up now!


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