Week 4 Run 2- Mental struggle!

I've discovered today that running is more about mental strength than physical! I had been dreading week 4, but R1 i found tough but manageable, and after just completing R2 i am questioning whether i can do it, especially coming up to Week 5.

The whole 30 odd minutes my brain was telling me to stop, sit down, walk! It was a battle in itself. Does anyone else have to tell their brain to shut up whilst doing the runs?


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7 Replies

  • Those pesky head gremlins are at it again :) It certainly needs a strong mental attitude. I think we've all been there at some stage throughout the c25k, I know I have on more than occasion! Believe in the programme and believe in yourself. The programme 'works'. Stick with it and I think you'll discover you are more capable than you realise. Good luck :)

  • In answer to your final question........Oh, yes!!!!! After a year of running the damned thing still pipes up at ridiculous moments and says "It would be so much easier to stop, you know." C25k will train your body to respond to your demands and you have to convince yourself that you can carry on and that it is worth carrying on. You did it! You completed the run and you WILL complete the rest of the plan, because you can surely see what good it is doing you, both physically and mentally.

    Many people have distraction techniques to help. Personally, I am a masochist and love the pain.........no that's not true......well, not completely. If you trust the plan and believe in yourself, you will surprise yourself and get through. While you are in the plan you are testing your limits on a weekly basis. After graduation you can run for fun. Try easing back on the pace and think of something else. It really is worth it.

  • Oh, yes, I think it's definitely a mental sport. Obviously it is about raising fitness levels to be able to physically achieve things but even though I have run 5k quite a lot of times now, it's still often a test of mind over matter to keep going at some point during each run (mainly because I strive for faster times).

    I like it though. I have lots of determination and knowing that makes me feel stronger and even more determined. It's a great positive thing that can be transferred to other parts of life I have found.

    You can do it! You just need to try, look how far you've already come! Believe it and you will see. Good luck :-)

  • Thanks everyone. After i had run for the first 5 minutes in W4R1 i smiled uncontrollably and then forgot i had to walk for 90 seconds haha! I am loving it and will finish it!

    Glad to know it isn't just me that has the dreaded gremlins!

  • Oh yes at times it is all in the head. My attitude to my self is always 'you have made the effort to get here so just get on with it". On very hard days I have let my self slow down but I just keep saying don't let your self down you can do it. Just remember all the posts, this programme works, it is amazing and you can do it!!!!. Listen to the podcasts and do as you are told. If you are struggling BIG time re-do the run but in my expreience the run after is never as bad(mostly cause you are dreading it) so just move on. The other thing is listen to your body and maybe take an extra day or two rest as that can help too. Good luck and you CAN do this!!!

  • Oh yes my head often says stop but I just remind myself why I am doing it and push through it and start thinking about something to distract me (usually breathing, mind that dog, catch up to that walker, get to that tree/post/bridge.) just tell yourself you can do and trust Laura

  • YES! YES! YES! I was feeling like I was "unsuccessful" during Week 4. Just push through and go on! I just did W5D1 and it was AWESOME! I told myself to just run the entire first 5 minutes without stopping and the rest didn't matter. So I did the 5 min. and got that super-charged endorphin buzz! It was terrific! I had to slow down during the 6 min. part but overall felt terrific! Just keep going!

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