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Has anyone else suffered amnesia whilst on week 3?

You see, I know I left the house, my tracking app confirms I did the run, in fact the time was really good, best yet.

I do remember seeing all the footy players in the park, but I can't remember being set upon by a a gang of burly Russian shot putters who held me down and battered my calves with a sledge hammer. You see, I know this must have happened as my legs are F~*king killing


This did not happen on Monday when I did this run, I suspect the shot putters were all hung over from the closing ceremony.

With any luck the amnesia will pass, my calves will feel better & I'll crack on & complete week 3 on sat morning. I will however be keeping an out for the sneaky Russians & shot putters in general.

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Lol at this blog just because it sounds familiar


Yes the b*ggers got me on Week 1 but I haven't seen them since! I'm ready for them if they try it again!


I bet on your next run you'll outrun those mean shot putters!


Love this blog! All over the country, there are bands of Russian shot-putters attacking C25Kers, I know they've been round here.


They are only jealous!


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