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Post run amnesia - W6R2


I am better now - no doubt about that. The occasional cough lingers as the residual ‘cold’ removes itself from my chest. Important thing is that I don’t cough at all while running strange!

Anyway, I’m getting there, eating healthier, cutdown sugar in take...... my body is a temple - the shoes are on the outside!

After a day out shopping with the fam, got home at 5.50pm - hmmmm I’m going out at 7.10 for a boys night and need to pick up the younger (8 & 12) ones at 6.30 from friends. In a moment of madness I convinced myself i had the requisite time for a run, shower, dad’s taxi and then drive the 25 miles to see my mates......

Off I go into the sweet harness of concentration on my breathing.... 2 x 10 minute intervals - easy!

1 minute in a pass a single poppy - is this to mark all the fallen runners before me? The legs (calves) start to complain early. I’ve noticed that more frequently recently, most of my body is broadly ok. The odd ache / pain or grumble but my calves do like to complain. I told them to put it in writing to the Sgt Major and their comments had been duely noted.... I hear some distant muttering about not having opposable thumbs - I ignore it and them.

The short version is I did it, completed R2. But don’t know why I have such a job with my calves. Maybe time to start the strength and flex program?

Oh yeah, almost forgot the amnesia bit - I know I struggle and at the time I doubt (deep inside) that I’ll make the end of the run. But afterward I kind of remember the feelings and the sensation of it being hard, but not how hard it was! (Does that make sense?) I’m wondering how I’m going to cope with the 25 minutes in R3. 20 minutes feels a stretch but I know I did it (although I can’t remember the struggle!)

Is this normal? Or am I just going in to a “happy place” and then denial lol?

As always, thanks to all who are with me every step/post on the way. You keep me honest and keep me going knowing that I’ll have to fess up after the event.

If anyone was wondering - I didn’t have enough time, I was late, about 20 minutes late. But like a good dad, I blamed the kids and basked in my own ingenuity as my mates tell me how svelte I’m looking and marvel that I’ve managed to keep going this far in the program!

Shoes off please!

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Nice post!! Again!! It always feel a bit hard at the time. That's the point I guess. But you're clearly getting a healthy dose of endorphins crashing through your system afterwards. And always that "It felt hard because of [x]; if I get [x] sorted out next time, it will all be fine. It's only 2n minutes for heaven's sake". But those 2n minutes feel like a pretty long time at the time eh?

Look forward to R3. It really does throw off its mantle of darkness at that point and you're home and dry. With no shoes on, mind :-)

LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to sallenson

Yeah this is true I guess lol. I guess we are our own worst critics!

Cheers bud


Well done LL! These runs are setting us up for R3!

As far as your calves go - how fast are you setting off? Are you being a good boy and following the mantra?

I love how you are so committed / addicted that you fit your run in when there clearly wasn’t time! I bet you felt great on your night out!

LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

My avg pace according to strava (includes the walking start middle and end) is between 7.44/km - 8.02/km

I don’t feel like I’m too fast. Just a gentle jog!

Hmmm yeah - I was a bit optimistic with my timings 😂

_SimonT_Graduate in reply to LoungeLizaard

Hmm. Sorry I can’t help. Where are the experts when you need them? 🤔


Great that you squeezed your run in :-) Yes I know what you mean about forgetting the hard bits, and remembering the amazing feeling. You can do run 3- it's just week 5 all over again, and you did week 5. You ran for 20 minutes, so you can do it again, and then you just have to do another 5 at the end. Keep it slow, keep it steady :-)


Basically what Sallenson said. R3 definitely feels easier on W6. If you don't think/feel that you are going too fast then maybe the problem with your calves is stretching? You do need to stretch after. I'm sure Iannodatruffe or Oldfloss can send you the links. I had a problem with my calf before this programme but that was because I was running too fast uphill. It occasionally starts complaining now on the longer runs but I ignore it & it usually shuts up! Good luck with R3. You'll smash it I'm sure. Then it's all on the home stretch to the podium.

LoungeLizaardGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks witch. Yes, I do static stretches before and after each run.

Maybe I’ll start to stretch calves on the bottom / naughty step before/ after as well as an additional stretch.


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