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Fog & mist & asthma are a bad combination!!

Went out this morning for a short'ish run 5K- cos I have a pilates class on a Wednesday morning so need to get home and shower, eat etc.

What a good job I didn't try to do my first 10K cos I would have failed badly. The weather is grim up here today, with very low lying sea-harr and mist which means the fumes from the early morning rush hour traffic just lie low, outcome for me, puff, pant and wheeze :(

Is anyone elses breathing troublesome when the air quality is poor or is it just me being asthmatic?

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Yip, nothing like Aberdeen harr! I've not been out running for a week due to several factors but the weather has also been an issue. It's the damp in the air more than the mist that gets me. Would rather have "normal" rain. Attempting a run tomorrow regardless of weather as scared my fitness will leave home!


Hi Angel108 I didn't know there was another Aberdeen runner on here, we have had some pretty bad weather all summer. Do you go down to the beach for Parkrun on Saturdays? Rose and I often have a wee chat if we are both down there we could look out for you too.

Hopefully the weather will get better for a few days, will keep fingers crossed, I'm like you would prefer rain to what we had this morning. Hope you get your run tomorrow.


Was planning my 1st park run this Saturday as was running every 2nd day up until last Thursday and was feeling confident but now am not so will see how I get on tomorrow before I decide.

Ps am in Cove and at the moment is really windy!!


Managed 26 minutes round Cove, bit gutted didn't make 30 but still got earache and chest slightly tight so listened to my body when my heart started beating faster than I thought was healthy! Will either park run on Saturday or try another 30 minutes here.


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