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Week 1, Run 2

This evening I set off on my second run, I went at about 6.45pm tonight and it was quiet in the village I live in, I made a big mistake though of having pasta for tea which made me bloated and I felt sluggish!

I took a different route today which I enjoyed as it took me up the village and past the pub and local shop where there was a little more activity, I ran up a quiet side road then turned half way round then went back down the village, past my own house and completed the last 5 min walk up another quiet road! I am lucky where I am as there is lots of different routes/bridleways to access.

I felt really good after my run and i was very pleased as i completed all the runs which I had struggled to do on Saturday, I then stretched off and walked back home listening to my favorite songs on my ipod.

I decided to wind down with a big glass of water and a banana, I'm going to take a water bottle running with me as I felt a little dehydrated at times despite drinking plenty today but the warm weather doesn't help!

I am now looking at smoothie recipes as I am trying to cut down on drinking coke which is my caffeine addiction! I'm also drinking a lot more water and orange juice (Diluted)

I feel better about myself already and it's only my second run!

Keep going everyone!!!

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