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End of week 1

So this morning I did my 3rd week 1 run. Calf muscles still really hurt after about the 4th minute of running. I don't know whether I should do a couple more week 1 runs and so extend the 'week' or move onto week two for my Wed run (which would have been the original plan).

Also decided I definitely need some shoes. Don't even have regular trainers, just a pair of trainerish Clarkes leisure shoes. It was very noticeable today that there is no cushioning on them. Husband was sceptical about me doing this which is why I didn't go and buy anything, but I know it is necessary.

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Hi WillowFae. Yes definitely treat yourself to a decent pair of trainers. It will make a huge difference to you physically as well as psychologically! You'll feel like a runner! There are lots of really good sales on just now. I've just completed my second run (week 1) and also experience some calf tightness. I went on to You tube and googled 'yoga for runners' and found a really good 5 minute video for stretching out your muscles after a run. Albeit that I've only done it twice it is already helping! Why don't you try it? The one I tried was from yoga warrior but there are loads. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Have a "shampoo" (you're worth it) moment and get yourself some proper trainers. They'll help avoid injury. If you've got a mean streak then getting value for money out of them will keep you motivated. If you have nerdy tendencies like me you'll do £/km or £/min calculations ... very distracting for the gremlins trying to stop you when you're out running. . Nothing like watching hubby's jaw drop when you actually do something they think you'll never finish ...


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