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Please tell me it gets easier!!

Am currently on week 7 and have hit the metaphorical wall. Until now I have to admit to a slight smugness; I have found it all quite easy, even the dreaded week 5 run 3. Why now am I finding it so hard?? The last two runs have been so hard and I have only just made it. Not sure if I am running faster as i have no way of working out my time and distance - map my run doesn't work as I have no signal.

Still loving the running but feeling frustrated that rather that getting easier it seems to be getting more difficult!

On a different note, found the Olympics inspiring. We were great, Britain!!

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I would think that if it's getting harder, you must be running faster! Have you changed your route, are you running more uphill? I'll be joining you on W7 tomorrow!


I thought exactly the same at that stage in the programme and yes it does get easier although I still have some runs that are tough. Keep going you can do it.


@miche78 - I could've written your post last week! I was really struggling at points especially with the first run of week 7 but by the third one I was feeling better, so much so that the day after I went out and ran 30 mins on a supposed rest day. I am in week 8 now and today's run was a little harder than I thought it would be, possibly cos it was a bit warm, but yes, it did get easier for me and I really hope it does for you too. Hang on in there!


I found exactly the same thing in week 9 - think it was probably someone wanting to penalise me for getting too smug!


You'll have better runs, my run this morning was great, but the run before that was a slog all the way and didn't really enjoy it other than the achievement of still finishing. You will enjoy again :-)


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