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Wk 6 Run 3 - Laura was right!

Just back from my first 25 minute run. I was very slow i think - bout 4kms including the warm up and cool down - but I DID IT!!!! Laura was right - and I liked the way she came in at 12 and a half minutes instead of every 5. Clever! I found that really motivational as then I knew I was half way.

I feel really good and I still managed to speed up for the last 60 seconds. Am just starting to change the way I feel while i am out running as well i.e instead of 'Oh my god, how embarressing I am out trying to run' its more ' hey look at me everyone, I'm running!' (i say everyone though I mostly mean the cows and chickens as I live deep in rural france)

Anyway, very very chuffed and I am looking forward to my next runs!! And i am still surprised when I find myself writing that!

Good luck everyone!!

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What a great feeling it is to achieve 25 mins, now non stop running until the end, enjoy. I totally understand you sentiment about the change from week 1, I was afraid to go out, now I couldn't care who sees me as long as they don't want me to stop. :-)


Well done, it's a major one to get through, but what a feeling, as Phil72 says. Good luck for the rest of the programme!


Well done I am doing it tomorrow morning hope I am as successful as you. I have coped better than I thought I would .


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