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Wk 6 Run 3 -Laura thinks I am ready but do I?????

Hi all

This is my first ever blog anywhere but feel so inspired by everyone on here!!! I would first like to say how amazing this community is, I have been reading all your posts every day and I think it is just fantastic the way so many of us have decided to make positive changes to our lives. Massive thank you to everyone who writes on here - i love hearing how other people are getting on.

I am not nor ever have been 'sporty' and never in a million years thought that I would be able to run for any length of time but I am now completely addicted to this programme. I LOVE it, it makes me feel so good and , dare I say it, healthy! (and just a little smug when I go running at 8am while my partner and kids are still in bed at the weekend!).

I have just had my second child and def need to shift some pounds - I have lost 5kgs so far and want to lose another 5 before I am done. Its very slow going but I dont mind about that, the best thing for me is that I can really see my body changing because of the running - my legs no longer look like fat little dumplings and my stomach is even a little less beach ball shaped!!!

It has surprised me that I have managed to get to this stage and I have found it hard but never impossible, sometimes with a little mini sprint finish when I think that I am an Olympic athlete. But I am NERVOUS about the rest of the programme - all long runs from now on in. I did Wk 6 run 2 this morning and Laura told me I was ready for it but its scary!! It has gone well up until now and I think I am worried about it getting too hard for me and I will get deflated and put off.

I guess I will see what the weekend and the first 25 mins non stop brings -


Good luck to everyone and massive encouragement to anyone thinking about starting!!!!

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Laura knows what she's talking about. ;) You are ready. Just give yourself enough recovery time from W6,R2 first, then start off W6,R3 slow and steady. Save the sprint for the end! You may find, like I have, that once you've done W6,R3 you only want to run non-stop without breaks in future, and it's intervals that become scary, lol. :)


I agree. A lot of it is in the head at this stage. Give it a go.


Hi there. The weird thing is that you really can do it! Honestly you can! Just listen to your body and be kind to it to ensure you have the best run you can. Go out in the morning when you have most energy, have plenty of water before you go and wear comfortable clothing. Yes the next few weeks will be hard, but I still think that the toughest run ever was wk 1 run 1 - nothing beats that! Good luck!


You can do it. You might have to slow down from your usual speed for the longer runs coming up because it's very much a mind thing in the later weeks but you've come so far and it's certainly doable! You can always work on your speed after the next few weeks because it sounds as if you're in it long term and have decided to embrace your "me time"! Lovely to read how much difference it has made to your life and how much you enjoy it- it's a great hobby :)


Hi France46, well done for getting this far. I too myself never though

i could run. Im on wk7 run2, the 25mins are tough but if i can do it

you can to. Good luck and keep us posted.


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