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What running app do you use and why do you like it?


I'm using Nike+ at the minute, I love the features of it although I would like something which doesn't crash so regularly!! I would like to try a few whilst I finish C25k, and have settled on a good one when I start my regular running workouts. I'm a bit of a data freak, so the ability to record a map of my run, distance run, time taken, mile / kilometre splits, record PB's for mile / kilometre / 5k etc and a cumulative mile total is essential.

Thanks in advance!

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I use runkeeper which would fit all the specs you want. The free version has everything I need and I can synch my own playlists. It also synchs to other apps such as my fitness pal but tbh this doesn't seem to be working well on my iPhone. It doesn't matter though because I enter the data for nutrition manually. I have emailed the tech team and hope they sort it because I would like my runs to synch to the web rather than just keeping them on the mobile device. I've had no problems with the maps and the distances seem fairly accurate. I've tried map my run but prefer runkeeper.


Hi. I use runtastic which gives you all the info you need and is very easy to use alongside the podcasts or music :) x


Try Strava run. you can split your run into to sections so you can see where you can improve.

I use runtastic too. It's the only one I've tried and the free version has everything I need (I like data too!). It works well with listening to the podcasts at the same time; I haven't tried my own music yet, but I'm sure it will be the same.

Runtastic also posts direct to myfitnesspal and haven't had any issues with that...

Happy hunting! x

I was recommended and use endonmondo. Find it really reliable and does what it sounds like you want. I did pay for the pro one so not sure what the free one is like. It clearly lists your runs and break down each mile to give you speed time etc.


I used to use MapMyRun but began to have serious doubts about it's accuracy (it showed me as having run right through the middle of the boating lake in our park. Doh!). I've switched to Endomondo and find it very good; I particularly like the fact that it talks to me and gives me lap times. I do have to have the volume up quite high but that's because I'm a little deaf (could use earphones but prefer to run 'naked').

Endomondo is the best one i have tried.


I use Ismoothrun and it's great. It tells you every thing you need to help you on you way forward ....try it you might just like it.


I use Nike+ on my ipod nano. Never had any problems with it.


I started with Endomondo free , which gives all the basic stuff including PBs but I switched to Runkeeper free after it gave me some ridiculously good PBs, which I just can't match and added 0.4k to my normal route. I liked the way Endomondo showed you exactly where on your run you had run your PBs for kilometre, mile etc. which Runkeeper does not seem to do. Runkeeper does allow you to create your own training plans with intervals, which I don't think you can do with Endomondo.

Which apps can give PBs for kilometre, mile etc and allow you to create plans with intervals?

From my research, the accuracy of the apps is closely tied to the phone and most are nowhere near as accurate as dedicated GPS systems eg. Garmins.

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