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I've completed week one! Onwards and upwards!

Went out first thing this morning after some coffee, water and a banana of course. Was going to do my usual route but came to the park and found some sort of football match going on complete with audience. Could have run right round the edges but didn't quite have the courage so took to the streets instead. Just after the second 60 second run I bumped into the retired caretaker from my daughter's school who said some lovely encouraging things. It already feels much easier than it did a week ago and I didn't experience the horrible hitting a wall feeling I had just over half way through on W1R1 & 2. I even managed a little sprint (by MY standards!) for the last run, which was quite exhilarating!

I actually feel ready to move onto week 2 which I never would have thought a week ago.

Thank you all for all your lovely words of encouragement so far. It really feels like I have a whole community of people just beside me when I run.

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lovely to hear, Pelephant. It's great to finish a run looking forward to the next- happy running! :)


Good luck, it's true, feels good to know you have lots of support on here :)


Well done for completing week 1, every week is an adventure, that you often don't think you'll manage, but you will as Laura builds it up week by week, ENJOY :-)


Well done Pelephant. I hope to go out tonight to finish my Week 1 as well!


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