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Is it too early to do park run?

I was over the moon when I completed W5R3 last week, in my joy I hastily signed up for Park Run. I just did W6R1 and really struggled, I don't want people to be waiting around for me to finish my park run on Saturday. Perhaps I should only do park run when I can comfortably run for longer? or should I just turn up and just do my W6R2 anyway?

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I don't see why not if you are up for it, its quite casual, no reason not to just do what you can its all experience. A lot of them (including mine at Frimley) do it in laps and have a half way round finish as well as the full 5k so fully expecting and set up for those not wanting to go the whole hog.

It might be worth checking that out.


That is a good idea! Wanstead Flats is done in laps :-)


Have a look at results for your Parkrun. Times over 40minutes aren't unusual. They are very friendly and there should be a marshall bringing up the rear to make sure everyone is Ok.

One option is to do it as your next podcast run and see how you get on. You'll surprise yourself how far round you get and you can always walk or gentle jog to the end.


34.35 was the slowest last week. eek! sounds like they are a bunch of speedy runners. I'll just have to add some balance lol 40 mins should be doable though with some walking.

I feel slightly less like chickening out now which is good, I really want to get involved with park run.


Did it! 37.45!!


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